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Mirriam Neal

is a traditional artist who specializes in fantasy, fables, folklore, and fairytales. She also writes novels.

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If you’re a writer (published author or otherwise), chances are high that someone, at some time, has said something about your writing that devastated you. Whether you consciously realized it
“‘And when you love what you do you never work a day in your life.’ That’s bullshit. I love what I do and let me tell you…I’ve worked some days.”—
I dislike the concept of ‘pet peeves’ but when it comes to fiction, we all have things we hate to see; things that make us want to throw a book
As an artist and an author who knows many other artists and authors, I’ve seen a recurring theme in the way people refer to what we do. “Oh, that’s such
For several weeks, The Eigengrau has been sitting at almost 160,000 words. The title ‘Chapter 63’ has been perched atop page 217, waiting for me to put something underneath it.