This isn’t much of a post; just a quick note to say this is the new, official home of Wishful Thinking, and welcome!


12 thoughts on “housewarming”

  1. This is weird. But it feels so sad. The change of address, I mean. Like, moving out of an old house or outgrowing your favorite pair of jeans, you know? xD

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  2. Here we are. Looks nice.


    I was sad but I wasn’t too sad until I was about to click “Post Comment” on you’re last post on Wishful Think and realizing it was the last time I would ever post a comment there. (And your reply made me very happy. ^_^)

    But this is so exiting! :D

    Now fill this place up with your awesomeness, Mirri, and give us a bigger post! XD

    Now I have to re-subscribe by email, and bookmark it and if I tell anyone about you I have to not give them the old address and– yeah, what a lot of trouble you’ve given me. XD But you’re well worth the trouble. :) <3

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  3. That’s what fans are for, making you feel happy and welcome in your own home. :D (And GAAH where is the ‘reply’ button? Not cool. I hope you can make it so there is one.)


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