in order to change, change

You don’t expect words of wisdom to come from the mouth of a visual kei Japanese rock bassist, but they did. When asked to give one piece of life advice, Reita replied, “In order to change, change.” I just watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with my family. I loved it. It spoke to me on a personal level, because I can roll with change – but I don’t often embrace it. I daydream about things I’d like to do, or I wish I’d worked up the nerve to do a thing I didn’t. Oh, I’m plucky enough to ask a stranger what their tattoo means, or tell them they’re beautiful. I realize these things might mean a lot to someone, and I want to do what I can. But big things,  stuff that takes growth or softness or real change, I’m not so good at. I’m torn between wanting to throw myself into a helicopter and fly over the Atlantic, and wanting to stay home and write my books and read my novels and chat with friends on the phone. Neither one is bad, not by itself. But life is about finding the balance between, of walking the line between complacency and diving headfirst into opportunities. Nobody is going to do the changing for me. If I want to do something differently, to have a different mindset or outlook on life, I’m going to have to do it myself – and it doesn’t take much; it isn’t a complex, complicated process with 100 steps. It just takes one.

In order to change, change.


  1. Good words! I probably really needed to hear this; it only remains to be seen whether I’ll actually do anything about it… >.> Because yes, I talk about things way too much without actually doing them.


  2. I came as soon as I could…(Hah!) I have yet to see this recounting of Walter Mitty, but I have heard good things… I hope to see it soon. :-) As far as what you shared… When our lives are surrendered to the Lord, He teaches us to have balance. (it is an ongoing lesson, to be sure..) Sure, some of those lessons come in challenges and testings, but they are lessons to stretch and grow us. He is a good Abba Papa.

    I have noticed, personally, that those moments of having to find balance (AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN) occur as often as the wind changes. Not because I want it to be that way, or I am unstable, but because LIFE changes. I don’t always embrace the changes, either, but…sometimes the accepting of it is all I am meant to do. Just be pliable. Just “Trust and obey”. Sometimes that stretching hurts, but you get a little more “used to it” the older you get. No… scratch that. Not “used to it”. I have just come to understand that as I allow God in my driver’s seat, He leads, I follow. He blesses obedience and that trust. While I might get restless, frustrated, etc… along the way, He is used to His kids saying “are we there yet?” and He loves us anyway. It is partially character, it is being human, it is a lot of things.


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