the art of fellowship

“Always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy, for your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now…” – Philippians 1:4-5

I’m a solitary person by nature, and fellowship is a habit I must acquire. It takes time, but I must learn to enjoy communing with people – the wave of a hand, the question, “How was your day?” called across the street. As a culture, we’ve forgotten the art of fellowship, of embracing new people into our lives, welcoming strangers and family alike, of being there in the present, of caring. As Christians, we should be the most open, caring, love-filled people in existence. We are the guardians here on earth – we are heavenly representatives, and we won’t represent anything unless we make ourselves available; unless we learn to fellowship again with everyone we meet.

9 thoughts on “the art of fellowship”

  1. Ugh… There’s a reason I wasn’t getting any of your updates anymore *facepalm* silly me. Missed so many of your posts!


      1. yes!! I did. I just forgot you switched and I started thinking: ‘where are all of Mirri’s posts?!’ Then I remembered :)


  2. You fellowship all the time, even in your isolation… Mirriam, you will never know how much your words and “presence” mean to people all over the world. (Alright, those of us who have had the pleasure of “meeting” you, anyway. hahaha) Keep being you. Keep sharing what is on your heart. and… thank you for sharing… You touch my days from all the way across the ocean. It means so much.


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