“Nothing seems to move/everything is still…”

In case you were wondering, today was sort of a perfect day. It’s a pretty good example, considering the fact that – on reflection – I didn’t have a single bad moment. How weird is that? Definitely not something that happens…ever. Even the best days have a word snapped at someone else, or a moment of embarrassment, or (knowing me) I manage to put both feet in my mouth in an uncharacteristic show of agility. But today was quite literally perfect. So listen up – if you want to know what a great day for me is, it includes the following:

• waking up earlyish (read: nine o’clock) and heading out for a nearby town square and looking pretty cute, if I say so myself (I would have taken pictures of this, but the camera was either lifted by a sneaky thief at Disneyworld OR it fell out of my purse somehow. I prefer the thief option).

• buying coffees and sitting outside just talking with my parents

• heading down to the underground bookstore in said square and picking up several fantasy novels that look great, and then not having to pay for them

• getting lunch at a place with the best burger I’ve ever had (blackened with bleu cheese; aptly named ‘the black and bleu burger’) and an adorable, very personable waiter

• getting a scoop of strawberry ice cream that tasted just like the strawberry ice cream I had every day (sometimes twice) at summit last summer

 • going to the movies to see Maleficent (my friends, if I, my mom, and my dad all agree it’s an a+? it’s a pretty freakishly awesome movie) and crying because (spoiler) and (spoilerspoiler) and you really should see it yourself

• stopping by an antiques store that was a venerable treasure trove of knickknacks and finding a small, metal unicorn that fits into your palm, is of high quality craftsmanship, and costs only 2.38 (and not having to pay for that, either. a steal, since I’m positive the unicorn has magical properties).

• listening to the Secret World of Arrietty soundtrack while rearranging my room. I finally took a broken table out of there, moved my desk next to the window, cleaned things up; and it was just enough of a spruce to make the whole space feel more accommodating and personable (and enjoying the thunderstorm and rain shower while rearranging)

• getting Little Caesar’s pizza + sparkling apple cider for dinner, and buying a beautiful eye shadow palette while at the grocery store

• wrapping it all up with a glass of Pellegrino and some blogging before my head hits the pillows; although I’ll probably read or write first.


p.s. so apparently, Kenna is a pretty well-liked idea! all your positive comments were lovely and really brightened my day. you’re the best.

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