In which I discuss the weather, and the state of Skype

Last night, we had the most beautiful lightning storm I have ever witnessed (and I never miss a chance to witness one). Lightning spread across the horizon for miles, lighting up the clouds like another land entirely, and it flashed in an erratic rhythm for a good hour. I’ve never seen lightning that steady, or that silent – there was never so much as a whisper of thunder. It was like witnessing a silent battle in another dimension. I sat out on the back deck with my mother and sister, and there was something about the moment that was almost sacred. There were no lights through the trees, nothing but us and the breeze and the crickets, watching the silent display. I don’t usually wax this poetic about the weather, but if you had been there, you would know that nothing less would give it justice. We were concerned for the nest of baby mockingbirds (the entire family has trouble with that word; we all want to call them ‘mockingjays’) outside in the bush by the front door, but when I looked at them this morning (under the watchful eye of Constance, their mother, and Atticus, their father) they were huddled together, four of the softest, tiniest, most helplessly adorable creatures ever hatched. Where am I going with this? Absolutely nowhere; I just thought you should know.

On another note, I have a laptop in my room, which has increased my writing productivity by quite an extent – and it comes with the added bonus of a webcam, which means Skype! I’ve had a few Skype conversations already, and I realized that I can now go through with the Skype consultations I had been mulling over half a year ago. Being a poor¬†writer with no real job other than art commissions, any way of making money is always a huge help, and some friends and I came up with the idea of doing one-on-one writing consultations for a small sum. I proposed the idea to the internet back when we were thinking about it and received a surprisingly positive response – so long as the prices were right. So, you can get a one-on-one consultation with me, face-to-face, for as little as $199!

I kid, I kid. Half an hour is $20, an hour is $45, and any other prices I haven’t come up with yet and are therefore subject to negotiation and barter. Note that this is for writing consultation only – I’m not putting a price on chats with friends! These prices are for strictly (but fun) business, whether you need to brainstorm, ask advice, have me listen to or critique something you’ve written, etc. If it’s writing related, it fits.

So there you have the morning news, Tuesday edition. Have a beautiful day, and a peek at the babies!


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