“when we have shuffled off the mortal whatsit”

ian somerhalder actually angelI’ve hit 40,000 words/100 pages in This Mortal Coil and 30,000 words in Kenna. These stats combine to make me a happy human, and since I couldn’t think of much to blog about today, I decided it’s going to be another snippet-dump. You beauties never seem to mind, which is awfully flattering – and also helpful feedback! Besides, This Mortal Coil is long overdue. Oh, also, my next Unscripted Vlog is tomorrow, so if you have any remaining questions, remember to put them in the comment section! ♥

The moment she had disappeared from sight, Farr ground his teeth together and gave Lander a glare that made the wizard shift, cough, and stretch his arms.

“It’s been a long day,” said Lander, pretending to be oblivious to Farr’s radiating anger.

“Really, has it? It flew by. You know how time does that, when you’re enjoying yourself.”

– Kenna

Saturday evening came quickly. Skata made an effort to do nothing on Friday and at least try to salvage some of the healing process before spying on a possible pack of werewolves. It was difficult, but he managed; and when Castle showed up at three o’clock Saturday afternoon, he was pawing the ground.

            “Easy now, cowboy,” said Angel, leaning against the door and nodding at the preacher, but speaking to Skata. “Remember, you and werewolves don’t have the best track record.”

            “Neither do me and vampires,” Skata retorted.

            Angel furrowed his brow and held up a finger. “That’s ‘vampires and I.’”

            Skata pulled his Swiss army knife from his pocket and sliced a thin line across Angel’s arm before the vampire saw and had time to pull away. Angel looked at the blood and grimaced. “Ow,” he said passively, even as the cut closed up.

            “You should be used to it by now,” said Skata, hiking his pack over one shoulder. He looked at Castle and let out a breath. “Shall we?”

– This Mortal Coil

One of the teenagers threw back his head and unleashed a very human howl.

“Moon’s not out yet, moron,” muttered Skata, squinting up at the sky. It was dark, but clouds obscured everything but the faintest glow. A breeze kicked up, scurrying the cloud cover along faster.

– This Mortal Coil

His laugh was a derisive bark. “Have you ever been away from home before? Because I thought this whole situation was to get you out into the world or something.”

“It is.” She leaned back on her palms and gazed at the round face of the moon. “But I know what it’s like to miss heima.”

“Miss what?”

Heima,” she repeated.

Yes, I heard that,” he said. “Doesn’t mean I speak elvish.”

She let out a soft, frustrated moan. “Heima means…it’s our word for…the feeling of home. The thing that makes you feel safe, welcome. The thing you get homesick for.”

After a moment, filled only with the noise of crickets and the rustling of the grass around them, he said, “Huh. So, what’s your heima?”

“Einar,” she said, with no forethought. It was like the name sat on the tip of her tongue, comfortably at home, waiting to be used.

– Kenna

Skata curled his lip and gave the preacher a sour look. “You’re just full of happy thoughts, aren’t you?”

“Rainbows,” said Castle. “Unicorns. Rice Krispies.”

Skata knit his eyebrows incredulously. “Rice Krispies?”

“Sure, you know-” Castle adopted an off-key tune “- snap, crackle, pop, Rice Krispies?”

“I know what they are, dude. I just don’t see how they fit with rainbows and unicorns.”

Castle sighed and let the bag fall off his lap onto the floor. “Just drive.”

“You’re weird, man.”


– This Mortal Coil

Farr gave him a look of sideways disapproval. “You let them walk in and take the place. Why am I not surprised?”

“Because I’m not stupid,” said Lander, with a brief, acidic smile that flashed across his face, “and I try not to quarrel with hired mercenaries. They have neither the self-control or the morality to think twice about killing us all so their mistresses can sleep under a roof.”

“I enjoy sleeping outside,” said Kenna.

“That doesn’t surprise me, either,” said Farr.

– Kenna

Men like him live a short and brutal life; even the most intelligent of them rarely survive over a year or two in the pits. He’s a survivor, the halfwit. If he’s lucky, he might even become one of the Crowns’ favorites. They’re treated well enough, I hear.”

– Kenna

Just – just stop, okay?”

“Stop? He kidnapped me, for heaven’s sake!”

“Well, you are over eighteen,” drawled Angel, “so technically, there was no kidnapping involved. I…borrowed you.”

 – This Mortal Coil

I hate you,” stated Easton flatly, like she was reciting a historical date in middle school.

“Oh, no!” Angel pressed a hand to his chest. “I can’t take it!”

Skata jerked his hand across his throat as if cutting his neck. Stop. It, he mouthed emphatically.

– This Mortal Coil

You tried to kill us.” Kenna watched his face for a reaction.

The only reaction was a look of surprise as his eyebrows rose, and after a moment he said with a vocal shrug, “Well.” He grinned at her. “I’ll let bygones be bygones. Say, have you got anything to eat? I’m starving.”

– Kenna

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