a touch of filigree

To date, my favorite female character of Jenny’s is Filigree. Is it because her name is so adorable? Because of her spunky, flirtatious, intelligent nature? I haven’t got a proper answer for you. I simply love her. Therefore, my makeup today was inspired by this lovely whirlwind of a girl, and as I’ve had quite a lot of requests for more makeup posts, here you are!


Now, this is a rather ‘done up’ look for Filigree. This look would be suited for a party or a fancy-dress affair, when she wants to look both pretty in pink and as if she’s ready to stab someone.


I use Covergirl TruMagic Skin Perfector in 100 as a base. Then I apply Covergirl TruBlend liquid makeup base in #1 ivory, and my blush is Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in peach satin. On my eyes, I used e.l.f. primer and then I used Halo Profusion Palatte eyeshadow in glittery pale pink and deep orange, blended well. I then applied used Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner pen in black, and Covergirl Flamed Out mascara in black. In most of these shots I had clear lip balm on my lips, but in a few of them I used a dark, berry red to up the drama. I also used e.l.f. eyebrow mascara to keep them in place and, to darken them, used a tiny eye shadow brush and the dark brown in Maybelline’s Hushed Tints palate #30.


IMG_0546I find that when I color in my entire lip surface I look like a scheming Disney villainess. Particularly when I bare my teeth. This is surprisingly okay with me on some occasions.



And finally, my most Filigree expression.  I hope you enjoyed this! I’ll do more in the future, from my own novels (there’s quite a lot of room for this in Kenna) and Jenny’s. Be sure to keep an eye out for Plenilune when it comes out in print – you’ll be glad you did!






    And you should totally be a Disney villainess!
    How do you get your eyeliner to be so symmetrical? Not that I use it often (and if I do, it has to be on the waterline because of parental restrictions :P ). You’e gorgeous. ^_^


  2. *has never worn makeup and so has no idea about anything in this post except that Mirri is apparently talking in makeupese, something about dramatic ivory elves eating berries, and is looking scary and (in the case of the last picture) beautiful and mischievous*


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