Makeup Tutorial: Cirque du Soleil


I took a kind of casual poll yesterday, asking what style makeup tutorial you would prefer – subtle, dramatic, or weird. The answer was generally ‘dramatically weird!’ or ‘subtly dramatic!’ but weird was the most popular answer. I wanted to do a wearable weird (and have proved how wearable it is by keeping it on all day) but something that was also elegant. So, with a  ten-minute tutorial, I hope you get some ideas or a good party look.

I will give you a couple disclaimers – I have discovered, in editing this video, that I say ‘alrighty’ a lot when vlogging, and also that I need to find a better angle for my camera, because I lean entirely out of the frame half the time. I did my best to remedy this, but the most I can promise you is that I’ll find a better angle next time. Also, the lighting in my room isn’t exactly makeup-condusive, but I hope you have a fun time watching anyway.

Also, if you end up doing this style, I’d love to see a picture of it! Next time, I’m going to tutorial my everyday look.

Note: I forgot to mention that I start off using Covergirl Tru Magic Skin Perfector. (It’s a nice base, but to be honest I’m not sure it’s worth the money; I’ll probably try a different brand next time.)

Go HERE to view the video on Vimeo!


  1. That was actually pretty helpful… it’s weird, because I own so much eyeshadow, but I put it on my art… not my face XD So… this was very very helpful! :) Thank you! :)

    And it’s so weird, because everytime I watch Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, I always feel like I’m watching YOU in the movie… because that story is SO you. You are so Alice… and I especially think of you everytime the ‘muchness’ quote comes around… And the girl I am a nanny for watched that version the other day, so i was especially thinking of you when that quote came around, and then I saw the quote on your wall and I was like: ‘WHA?! NO WAY!!’ :) You’re awesome!


      1. YES!! We should! Definitely! :D I need to e-mail you about that actually and find out when works best for you next year :D


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