tea and cards

Life has a nice routine for me at the moment. Due to a¬†character sketch sheet sale ($10 + $3 for every additional character) I’m running, I’ve been busy with art commissions. I’ll drink something hot – tea or coffee, depending on my mood – pull up a Studio Ghibli movie, and draw. I try and draw a commission a day, which normally works out. Once I’ve finished that, I edit Dark is the Night or write in Bird of the Summer (which has been affectionately shortened to BOTS) or I read. There’s something beautiful in moving pencils across a sheet of white paper and watching the shades of black and gray bring something to life as rain hits the window and Totoro helps two little sisters feel at home in the Japanese countryside.

I’ve also decided I need to catch up on the letters I received during my time in Colorado, and I’ve been saving an assortment of stationary. The two best pieces, however, I’ve been saving for a blog post (because now and then I like to make a plug for something).

They are called, quite simply and perfectly, Little Brown Cards. And all they desire to do is give you a lovely, heartfelt, high-quality, handmade card so you can write your thoughts to a loved one.

Two special people will be receiving these cards in the mail sometime soon; and what more fun to open than a card with a J.M.Barrie quote, or I love you more than coffee?



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