Today began the search for The Perfect Red Lipstick. I bought a color called ‘cherries in the snow,’ and while it’s a very fun, vibrant color, it’s too pink to be what shall henceforth be known as TPRL. I was feeling very ‘dolled up with no place to go,’ and so I took the camera and had an impromptu photo shoot with myself.

I heard an ad somewhere – probably youtube – and the tagline went, ‘who better to take a picture of you, than you?’ And that summed up why I’ve never been anti-selfie.

I enjoy taking pictures of myself, but not out of vanity. It’s a study of who I am, and what makes me tick. It interests me to see how I view myself, and how others view me. It’s the only way I can essentially capture who I am, without writing a novel in vague metaphors. It’s a way to say ‘here’s how I’m feeling’ or ‘this is what I’m capable of.’



I’m not talking about duck faces or any of those ridiculous Instagram selfies that people poke fun at, and for good reason. I’m talking about you, staring into a lens – or away from it – or posing however you feel like – and capturing that feeling, that moment. It’s a personal thing. It’s an experiment of yourself. Of seeing all your different sides from a third-person set of your own eyes.

Do I see it as a sign of ‘the self-centeredness of the times?’ Not really. Not all the time. Sometimes, I think it’s just a way of getting to know ourselves a little better, and letting someone see us the way we see ourselves.

Put your best face forward.




  1. That’s such an awesome and sweet post! I think there’s nothing wrong with selfies. I think, honestly, that society and the internet nearly teach us to be ashamed of how we look and if we’re vain or self involved or blah blah…but taking photos of yourself is good. Nice. It captures who you are at that moment in your life and it IS interesting to look at yourself. Cameras and mirrors show things differently.
    And of course, awesome selfies. ;)


  2. <3 Love this, Mirriam. On the same page with ya. And I like that shade of lipstick on you. I bought a red lipstick that just isn't quite right for me…I'll look up the number & msg you, but it's a Kate Spade lipstick.


  3. I definitely agree with this, though I often wonder if the way I see myself in the selfies I take is the way people see me in real life. And most of the time I really don’t like pictures that others take of me, and while I will get tagged in them, I won’t post them myself. People say things like. “Your very photogenic” and I just laugh and reply “only when I take my own pictures!” I guess it’s something I’ve always wondered, especially about my online friends I have never met in person… do my selfies actually portray a realistic picture of me, or would you be surprised that I am actually the same person if we ever met for real? I don’t really know the answer to that question though… lol! Perhaps I just over think things… :p

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