//crisp and golden as an apple


There’s something about throwing open all the windows and taking a deep breath of autumn that makes me want to do everything and nothing, all at once. It makes me want to draw all my art commissions in a day, to write three new novels and find a long stretch of grass to run barefoot in and wear sweaters and kick up my feet and read a magazine. It makes me want to light candles and not bother doing anything with my hair. It makes me think of pumpkin spiced lattes and buying Christmas presents early and watching the new episode of Forever and starting a journal for the umpteenth time. As a result, I started plotting my 2014 NaNo (I’m re-working Acceso, remember that one?) and wore funky patterned pants, blue mascara, and went on an impromptu photo op with my sisters. It’s autumn again, and it’s time to do everything and nothing, all at once.


  1. That picture is fantastic!! :D I love it! ^_^ Also, Autumn is one of the best seasons. <33333333333 You kind of summed it up very well. I do believe it's a little cooler today! So plaid shirts and boots, here I come!


      1. Awesomesauce! Add me to the list! :D
        I’m fondly recalling vague snippets from way back then (hehe, was that last November?) and the anticipation is building…


  2. Nothing quite like opening your window and letting that delicious breeze sweep away that weird stale air, I agree. XD Awesome pic, you’re so pretty! ^.^ <3


  3. “…want to do everything and nothing, all at once.” Mirri, you’re magical at putting feelings into words. That’s precisely how I feel about autumn. There’s just something so invigorating about the hints of crisp air that brings on adventurous and cozy sensations. You’re so perfect at describing things, and I wholeheartedly agree!

    Also, that picture is fabulous. Your hair. <3


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