of leg warmers and nano

IMG_1076It’s the first day of October. I always find that more monumental than the first day of autumn, usually, because things don’t really start to feel autumnal until October. Even the word ‘October’ sounds crisp and cold and orange, like a pumpkin or apple cider or the crunch of leaves under your feet. Do you see what I’m wearing here? Leg warmers. That’s because a) the date and b) it’s not supposed to get over 67 today (so says accuweather. Dad says it may surpass 84 degrees but if it does, I’m staying inside where there’s air conditioning, so it doesn’t really change anything).

Also, today marks one month until the start of NaNoWriMo. This will be my sixth year, and I have my notebook prepared and full of scribbles. Every time my mom or sister sees the word ‘NaNo’ they give a kind of shriek and go into mourning because during the month of November I hibernate. I turn on iTunes, put on fingerless gloves (yet to be acquired this year…they have a habit of unraveling from hard use) and slippers, and write with brief stops for caffeine and sleep. I get far more caffeine than I do sleep.

I know I’ve been a bit absent from the blog this last week and a half (or so) and I’m sorry – but I haven’t had anything to write about. My life has looked something like this –

– wake up

– coffee, family Bible study, breakfast (if I remember breakfast)

– retreat downstairs to make myself look pretty (yes, it’s important to look good even if you aren’t going anywhere)

– turn on something Marvel – Agents of Shield, a comic-con panel, the Winter Soldier, etc. – and work on art commissions

– spend half the time forgetting to draw and laughing

– spend some more time crying

– finish the drawing, maybe write 500 words in something

– eat dinner. shower. sleep.

– did I remember to eat lunch?

And now I’m going to have to find room to plot for NaNo. What about you? Are you doing NaNo? Is this your first year, or are you a veteran? What are you writing?

Happy autumn!


  1. You sound like such an amazing person to live with. xD I’ll do NaNo someday. *stares dramatically into the future* In the meantime, you rock it. I’m excited because then I get to read more of your stuff. :P


        1. IT SHOULD BE.
          we should do that, actually – like, I could send one to my nano buddy, etc. – o.O YOU’RE BRILLIANT.


            1. *cracks up*
              Don’t you love how you never get to spend what you earn? XD
              (Although thanks to my Colorado job I GOT EVERYBODY NICE CHRISTMAS PRESENTS /and/ had money leftover WHOAAAA)


  2. Yay! It always makes me happy to see a post on your blog. Good luck on NaNo! I’d love to be on the beta readers’ list, if possible. Sadly, prepping for the yearly Latin convention I attend takes up most of my November, so no NaNo for me…again. Next year, perhaps! Right now I’m working on an entry to the Beauty and the Beast short story contest. It gave me a lot of trouble a couple weeks ago, but I think I have the plot worked out now.


    1. Of course you can be ;)) Congratulations on getting the plot worked out – Beauty & the Beast is my favorite fairytale. The only one that view for more attention is East o’the Sun, West o’the Moon.


      1. I’m entering that contest too! :) Unfortunately, I have to trim it down to squeeze under the word limit.
        As for NaNo…*sigh* I’ve never done it, though I very much want to. Last year, I was busy editing a novel that needed a LOT of attention. This year, my current projects are also in the editing stage. I suppose I *could* put them on hold and draft something new for NaNo, but I’m the sort of person that needs to have those loose ends tied up first. :P


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