kiss and tell, a post by request

IMG_1500Lip colors are fun. Sure, many of them don’t exactly look natural, but there’s no denying that lips are an important part of your face – and they’re fun to color up! The right color can make your whole look pop, or give it dramatic elegance, or a subtle sheen. Lips are an important part of your appearance, so it’s a good thing there are a lot of ways to play them up. I’m not talking about anything fancy here – I’m giving you a few of my favorite lipstick colors in pinks, reds, and oranges, basic colors you can mix and match with any outfit.



Left to Right: Burt’s Bees lip crayon in Carolina Coast, Bare Minerals lipstick in Sweet Apricot, Bare minerals lipstick in Berry Glace, Burt’s Bees lip crayon in Napa Vineyard, and Revlon lipstick in Cherries in the Snow.



Tip: While I didn’t use any lip liners for this post since I was wiping off each color directly after I put it on, I would highly recommend them if you have vague lip lines (like I do). I use Bare Minerals lip liners; find a couple shades to match the basic lipstick colors, and a neutral. It will also help keep your lipstick from bleeding out, and will give you a good area to work in.


I really love this orange, as it works with my pale skin tone and doesn’t make my teeth look yellow – two wins!


This is the one cheap lipstick that I’ve kept, because I love the really dramatic, neon pink color. However, once I find a natural lipstick in a hot pink shade, I’ll be chucking this one in the trash.


I know a lot of women who are afraid to wear red lipstick for fear it’s ‘too much.’ Don’t believe it. Red lipstick is the ultimate confidence boost, and I get compliments on it literally every time I wear red lipstick out of the house. If Peggy Carter can do it, so can you.


Tip: My lips are shaped so that when I wear lipstick, I generally get lipstick on my teeth. To prevent this, just put your lips around your index finger and pull it out – voila! Problem solved.

Tip: Many lipsticks can be very drying, so I generally put a layer of lip balm underneath my coat of lipstick.

I know I didn’t cover anything fancy – no ombre lips or foiled lips or lip glosses – but hopefully this will be helpful in some way. Remember, having full lips doesn’t mean you can’t wear red lipstick – I’ve become a huge advocate for it. You can do this thing. Stay classy!


  1. Thank you!!! You’re amazing. ^_^ I have a natural bold pinkish-red lip balm that I’m growing to like a lot. I’ve been a bit cautious because I have full lips, but I’m glad you said it’s okay to wear it anyway. Thank you again! :D


  2. I don’t own lipstick, but these are good tips for the day I eventually do. (That berry glace color is prettiful!)
    And is it just the lighting, or did you dye your hair??


  3. Awesome! I tried wearing red lipstick for the first time last week and I liked it. No one else did, but I did XP
    I love this post, because I’m almost totally makeup illiterate, so simple little tips are right up my alley.


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