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My mom has always said that my room is the one place I never have trouble keeping clean. It’s part of a mindset that I haven’t quite learned to share with the rest of the house – that this place is mine. It’s special. It’s where I live, and therefore I keep it in a state that makes my heart happy and spirit light. I love my room. It’s large, for one thing – plenty of room for my books, plenty of wall space to decorate. For another, the windows let in beautiful light and, at the moment, a soft, cooling autumn breeze. When I’m in my room, my subconscious goes, “Love what you’ve done with the place.” I enjoy working and relaxing and spending time here. There’s an art student, named Pepper, who I’ve been friends with since I was fourteen, who suggested we trade blog posts about our spaces. Since I’ve been dying for a look into her digs, I thought it was a great idea. So, are you ready for a tour of my corner of the world? Follow me.



I had to show off my rabbit doorstop and my custom-designed Winter Soldier purse.






This is the mirror my mom had in college. It used to be gold, but we gave it a re-vamp.







This poster is from my dad’s school days. He still sings songs from Carnival, and seeing the play is on my bucket list.





Coming into my room, these greet you – a flying pig, because anything is possible, and an Irish greeting that means ‘God to you.’


On the way out, you can pick your own Shakespearean insult, and let an elephant in a bowler hat tell you ‘your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn.’


This is my room, and I love it. You lumpish hedge-born hugger-mugger.


  1. That key idea is brilliant! I got a set of keys for Christmas and haven’t done anything with them yet. I LOVE your room! And the tileeeeeeeeeeeeee! <33333 It's a lovely work/sleep/creative space! So beautiful.


  2. OH MY GOSH! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! <3 And… you called me an art student *melts in happiness* I didn't forget my post, btw… I had really bad computer problems/scare this morning and finals were due tomorrow… so that came first, before pleasure.

    I recognise SO many different things I've been you… and… MY ART IS ON YOUR WALL! <3 I am going to do this tomorrow though… NO SCHOOL UNTIL MONDAY! :D I will post it, on your wall! :D YOUR ROOM IS MAGICAL AND EPIC!


  3. Okay, I officially ADORE your room. It has all the spaciousness, creativity, and room-for-books that I wish mine had. ;)
    The Owl City quote! Got that one right away. ;D
    The keys are brilliant, have to agree with Rana there. :)
    Love all the posters and quotes and things.
    The string of lights.
    Your Avenger figurines = adorable awesomesauce!
    Do I spy DioM books in the corner of that one pic?
    And is that an archery finger guard thing hanging next to the necklaces? (I love archery!)
    The Shakespearian insults…oh wow, I would have WAY too much fun with those! XD


      1. Nice! I’m very much a beginner at archery, but owning and learning to shoot recurve is on my mental bucket list. XD An elvish quiver?? Awesome! Where in the world do you find such things


          1. O.O That’s just awesome. I *really* wanna find a nice recurve sometime, and an elvish quiver would just make it ten times better! I haven’t looked around very seriously (yet), but from the little I’ve done, all I find in stores like Cabella’s are compound bows. Blegh.


      1. @Pepper: I loved the map on your wall! You made that from scrap? O.O Wow. And I have that same Hobbit hole Lego set. XD (Sorry, I would’ve commented on your blog, but I don’t have a WordPress account, so it wasn’t quite working.)


        1. Thank you, Michelle! Yes! I did!! <3 And parchment! :D I'm too addicted to HTTYD :) (no worries! Do you have a blogspot account? I'm interested in your blog! :))


          1. That is just incredible. (Make me one! No, kidding. Sorta. ;) LOL.) HTTYD is awesome! Alas, I haven’t watched the second one yet. Hopefully soon, though!

            …I *do* have a blogspot account, and I technically *do* have a blog. It’s just that I haven’t posted a thing or set it up yet. It’s supposed to be my author blog, so I’ve been holding back until my book is officially on its way to publication. (That’s been a complicated journey thus far.) But I’m really flattered that you’re interested! <3 Once it's up and running (read: once my book is actually on it's way to print), I'm sure I'll be announcing it all over the internet. ^_^


  4. This is probably definitely the best room I’ve ever seen!!!!! :D I would fly off the handle in my typical, excitable fashion, but I actually love your room too much to do that. I mean, I would just be screaming for paragraphs and paragraphs, and type-screaming is actually just as exhausting as real-screaming. So let me just say: I envy you and your super-awsomazing room. ^.^ SO COOL!! XD


  5. I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE YOUR ROOM!! I’d even thought of asking you to post pics before!
    I LOVE YOUR ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S SO AWESOME AND PRETTY!!! You have such an awesome room!!


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