//I know places we won’t be found

I took a break from hunching over the keyboard today and took an evening jaunt into the woods. I went farther than I usually do, on high alert, as it’s deer hunting season and I’m not ready for death, tragic or otherwise. The air was crisp and I even saw a deer or two, although they were too quick to capture on camera. There’s nothing like the golden light of an autumn evening for picture-taking, and looking back at the photos, you’d never know we lived in the suburbs.












4 thoughts on “//I know places we won’t be found”

  1. Beautiful, you have an eye for pictures. Are you rewriting Acceso and if so can I beta it? I understand your doing Nano so if your to busy to send it, could you maybe after Nano. I only ask this because I cried while reading the first draft of it and Vey, if that is still his name is one of my favorite characters. I’m so happy you decided to have another go at it, as the characters were simply amazing ;( I have so many *feels* for them.


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