turn to face the new year

It’s fitting, I think, to be listening to ‘There and Back Again’ from The Battle of the Five Armies as I write a post to usher in the new year. 2014 has been a good year; strange and difficult, at times, but looking back over it, the things that rise to the surface are experiences like making new friends, finding a church, and coming into my own as an author and as an artist. I’ve had to do some tough things this year – conquer my brash temper, let go of a toxic ‘friendship.’ This last year, I’ve done more growing – spiritually and in knowledge of myself, who I am – than in any year before. I’ve become able to see my flaws and begin, painstakingly, to fix them. I’ve gotten to surprise a good friend at her graduation party, to see Middle-Earth come to an end, to waitress for two weeks with my braintwin, to become a full-time artist and author. In 2015, I can see what I’ll be dealing with – it’s daunting, but exciting, and at this moment, I’m ready. I can do it with the knowledge that my God is an awesome God, that my family loves me like no others, that my friends light up my life, and that I have the potential to be something great.


I wish you all a fantastical new year. I pray you swing on stars and get your hands dirty. I pray you struggle and fail and succeed. I pray you learn to let go of what’s holding you down and to embrace what lifts you up. I pray you trade in pessimism for optimism, because pessimism never made a wonderful thing happen. Most importantly, I pray you don’t let this year sit gathering dust; that you take it and splash colors over it and turn it into a work of art that you can hang in your life gallery and be proud of. 2014 has been good. Let’s make 2015 amazing.


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