stars to reach for

“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.”
–  Ranier Maria Rilke

As you all probably know by now, I’m not a fan of ‘new year’s resolutions.’ To my mind, those are things we make on the spur of the moment, under a blaze of fireworks. They’re scribbles made in haste and tossed away in less than a week. I prefer to make goals and work to achieve them. Granted, my goals have a way of wandering off the path and discovering unexpected routes, but goals inspire me. The prospect of a new year excites me the way no other of the three hundred and sixty-four days does. I have goals for this year, although this list is surely incomplete and imperfect.

  • Finish editing Dark is the Night and find a publisher for it and Paper Crowns
  • Read more non-fiction (My reading goal for 2014 was 80 books. I reached 70.)
  • Improve my artwork by drawing – at least sketching – something every day
  • Become more sensitive and caring to the needs of others
  • Learn absolute contentment, no matter the circumstances
  • Write more letters
  • Complete at least three of my current novels-in-progress
  • Get my driver’s license (c’mon, motivation)
  • Acquire a calendar, and in doing so, meet all my deadlines
  • Cook more (…c’mon again, motivation)
  • Spend time in the Word every day, never skipping

What about you? Do you have goals or resolutions for the next 365 days and if so, I’d love to know what they are!

11 thoughts on “stars to reach for”

  1. I like your goals! I’m trying to come up with a list myself….I’ve done one every year except 2014 and now I feel out of the habit. SAAAADNESS. My list is going to be 1. Come up with a list. -_-
    Mooootivate yourself, Cait. MOTIVATE. *ahem*
    Good on you for attempting to write everyday. I can never do that.


  2. A year or two ago, you said that you had an idea instead of a resolution. You suggested picking a word and sticking by that word for the year. I found that awesome. And it makes me happy that you don’t have you license, either — I AM NOT ALONE. XD And GREAT list!


  3. Good ones, A driver’s license is on my goal list too. I am turning 21 in 2015 so I think it is time. I am actually happy that someone else my age doesn’t have it. Happy New Year!


  4. Good list of goals. Mine mostly involve writing, and one or two other personal things that I really have to face this year. Strange how something as, relatively, insignificant as the changing of a date can inspire us to change so much. (Not that it always lasts.)


  5. The happiest of new years to you, dear Mirri! I agree on the excitement of a new year. I get nearly as excited welcoming a new year as I do Christmas. There’s something magical about fresh new starts.

    I myself am much more a fan of goals over resolutions, although I’ve yet to write mine down yet. Shameful, shameful. Oh, your list looks fantastic. That first one in particular makes me giddy with excitement because the world NEEDS, I repeat, NEEEEDS DitN and Paper Crowns. Just the thought of having physical copies in my hands gives me chill bumps!

    I just wanted to let you know it’s been a huge, huge blessing getting to know you and joining the Pack, more than I can say. You guys were one of my biggest blessings of 2014. I so look forward to this new year as one of the Pack. Love you! Hope your new year is the best yet. <3


  6. yes, please, publish some more books so I can wear them out reading them over and over. *debates pulling out Monster to re-read before school tomorrow* :)

    oh, the benefits of being the youngest. I had /nightmares/ until I got my driver’s license – I kept dreaming I was babysitting my siblings and one got hurt and I couldn’t drive them to the ER fast enough. XD (that was motivation…logically I knew that wasn’t likely, and I was still almost 18 before I got my license…but I had nightmares until I did.)

    cooking…I need motivation for that myself. :P XD

    random, but this is my favorite reading schedule so far: Unlike some others, it really helped me not get bogged down in any one spot, and also kept me on track for reading every day. :D (I don’t like the checklist feel, but what do you do.)


  7. These are great goals! My family made goals this year instead of resolutions too.
    Some of mine are to edit three of the stories I have finished, and start working on querying. Finish the two stories I’m working on right now. Read the Bible every day, get in shape, learn cursive, etc


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