Typing with a bandaged wrist takes a long time, guys. Gotta be honest. Hence my lack of posts over the past week – I managed to sprain my right wrist and while it isn’t incapacitating, it’s too painful to draw (I’ve only just reached the point where I can type). I don’t know how I did this – I’m thinking it was probably six days of nonstop drawing and writing at awkward angles that did it in. To pass the time, since my commissions and writing mostly have to take a back seat, I’ve been experimenting with Windows Movie Maker (I didn’t like the new version and re-downloaded the vintage Windows 7 model. It’s slow, but the layout is far more efficient + the blending option is indispensable).

I’m in the throes of an obsession with Season 3a of Once Upon a Time and so I made a Pan video, and then my friend Lauren suggested I just write a fic already. We bandied it around as a joke, until we realized we’d come up with so many AUs (that are brilliant, by the way. This woman) that we had to write them down. So we’ve been collaborating, fixing Once Upon a Time and laughing ourselves silly. (The age jokes. The sass. The ayyyebrows.)

My braintwin Hannah has also been exceedingly helpful – we’ve Skyped to discuss everything from Assassin’s Creed to novel problems to psychology (we always discuss psychology. It’s the undertow that runs through everything we say, pretty much).

I also met up with my friend Jon and we hung out over coffee, discussing the best ways to write a plausible zombie novel that didn’t throw all logic and reason out the window. (A zombie novel is coming, people. Brace yourselves.) (You should seriously check out Jon’s music, by the way.)

So life without a right hand makes me do some things I don’t usually do – take time out to make fanvideos, for instance, or brainstorm a fanfiction with a newfound friend. Or a zombie novel, for that matter. Meanwhile, here’s my Pan sketch dump in chronological order, so you can see how I got a feel for him throughout the week before the sprain. (The last one is by far my favorite.) If you want to see the crummy (read: It’s WMM but I’m fond of it) video, let me know and I’ll post the link somewhere in the comments.

What have you all been up to? Regale me!







  1. AWWW that is dreadful! D: Sorry about the wrist — hope it gets better!! *sends hugs* But DRAWRINGS. And PEOPLE. AND THIIINGS. …Please don’t tell me Windows 7 is vintage! :O *feels so old*

    In other news, a zombie novel might actually be the only thing that I wouldn’t read. ZOMBIES SCARE ME OKAY. …But I wouldn’t have wanted to read about vamps either, and you did THAT one awesome. XD So apparently all bets are off when it comes to your stories. ;)

    And I have been trying to edit someone’s book, survive life (somewhat difficult right now), and work on my NaNo, all the while trying NOT to start the new plotbunny of a Diana-Wynne-Jones-esque thing about a writer guy and worldhopping that is knocking down the door of my brain and will not leave. *headdesk* Oh, yeah, and fangirling obsessively over The Sunder Gate… but you hopefully know that. XD


  2. He is so beautiful, all of these drawings are magnificent. I want to read this fan fic, I am writing a zombie novel as well. The more the merrier. Yes I want to see the video! I hope your arm feels better.


      1. Love the video, I also watched the one you made for Easton, eeekkk so it was double the awesome. I am going to tell you about my zombie story in an email, because I don’t think a comment will cover it. :)


  3. Phenomenal talent, as always! ^_^ You could probably do your own book covers… And I’m still waiting for a Skype tea party. Just saying. *holds hands up* xD

    Hope your wrist gets better though! Is it intensely painful? Are you able to sleep?


  4. Ouch. I didn’t know you could sprain your wrist gradually. Hope it heals up quickly!

    Those drawings are AMAZING. I love all of them, but especially the last three. Nope, nope, never mind, ALL of them. XD

    I second Deborah’s remark about zombies and Rana’s about doing your own book covers. ^.^

    Regale you? Okay. Mainly: -First day of a new job (sore feet, but otherwise good!)
    -Eagerly awaiting the Rooglewood contest announcement next week (verrrry eagerly)

    Always love your blog posts, Mirri!! I’m glad you can still type a bit.

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