21 things

21 things

  1. Five percent. This is the amount of music I enjoy without mental association with something else – favorite characters, or a novel, or even an idea. I think this is a writer thing, to be honest; I know I’m not the only one who does it.
  2. I work really, really hard to be a calm, kind person because my natural state is a bundle of angst and aggression, even when I have no reason to be angsty and aggressive. A few years ago, I had serious anger issues and would jump down your throat if you said ‘good morning’ in the wrong voice. I’m much more laid-back now, so don’t worry – if I ever meet you (and you like Marvel more than DC) chances are good you’ll come away unscathed.
  3. My deja-vu is so strong that I can mouth along with conversations only just now taking place. This happens every few months and gets stronger as I get older. By the time I’m fifty, I’ll probably be downright precognitive.
  4. Because I’m quiet, it’s important to me that I express how I feel with my appearance. Since I won’t walk up to you and say, “Hi, my name is Mirriam and I like warm hugs like the color blue and I think funky jewelry is awesome and I believe in unicorns and I make up people and places and write about them,’ I need to say that (more or less) with how I look.
  5. I have a very obsessive personality. When it comes to obsessions, I’m Smaug – I hoard them and sit on them and love them and I’m always eager to find something new. Songs, shows, people, books, styles – it’s the way I roll.
  6. I love being surrounded by nature but I also dislike being dirty and this is a complicated relationship.
  7. I write books about vampires and werewolves but I also love flowers and the color pink, so I consider myself a well-rounded person.
  8. I absolutely hate being put on the spot, or being the center of attention. Getting me to physically talk about myself is like pulling teeth – for myself and whoever is talking to me. I’m uncomfortable in the spotlight and would much rather shove it onto someone else.
  9. I only fall for interesting people. They can be considered hideous and I’ll find them enormously attractive if I think they’re interesting.
  10. I have wanted a ferret my entire life (yes, I know the consequences. It hasn’t changed my mind a bit).
  11. I have a lisp, which you can probably tell from the video. I personally can’t hear it myself unless I have my retainers in (or if I’m particularly tired).
  12. A large part of the reason I value solitude is the fact that, as an INFP, I absorb and reflect emotions. I have a hard time ‘being myself’ when I’m in a crowd, or around people I don’t know very well. It’s not peer pressure – it’s the fact that I’m absorbing how everyone is feeling and mirroring it in how I behave, and it’s exhausting.
  13. I have very simple tastes and am very easy to please. A used book will make me ten times happier than a party. I’d much rather have meat and potatoes than a fancy dinner. I think a walk in the woods is a hundred times more romantic than a fancy dinner.
  14. Apparently this surprises everyone when they find out, but I used to ride and train horses (English, not Western – although I prefer riding Western as it’s much more relaxed). I constantly miss riding, although it was my decision to give it up – I traded riding for writing. It’s not a decision I regret, but it does make me sad I can’t do both.
  15. I have a hard time reading things on the computer. Even if I want to read your manuscript, I’ll probably decline because a) it takes too much ink to print out and b) I can’t get ‘involved’ in reading something on a screen.
  16. I’m a ‘fixer.’ I’m driven by an urge to fix people, to make them better. I’m not stupid enough to be a ‘missionary dater’ or put myself in a bad situation, but if I can’t do it in real life, I will do it through fiction. I’ll probably always believe in the good in people…
  17. Which is actually kind of funny, since I can be fairly practical and even cynical. I want to fix people, but if they mistreat someone I care about, I won’t care about fixing said mistreater – I’ll loathe them.
  18. I’m double-jointed pretty much everywhere, from my jaw to my feet. (It’s a lot harder coming up with 21 facts than I anticipated.)
  19. Because my resting face looks like I’d like to be shot in the head now, please, it’s easy for people to think I’m deeply unhappy when in fact, I’m usually the opposite. I’m a very happy person – bouncy, even, although it’s frequently on the inside rather than the outside.
  20. I’m very into aesthetics and how they affect how I (and others) feel as a result. This reflects into everything I do, although I didn’t think too much about this until just now.
  21. If you send me a letter, or a card, or a sticker, chances are, I’ll save it. I have an entire trunk full of saved letters and paraphernalia, which I curl up with when I’m feeling sad or particularly nostalgic.

There we go – twenty-one things about me that you may or may not have known. You’re welcome.  Also, you guys are the bomb diggity; thanks for being so amazing for so many years. Consider yourselves high-fived.


31 thoughts on “21 things”

  1. Your Awesome, and I enjoyed all these facts about you. Your such an interesting person, a multifaceted Diamond. Oh and Happy Birthday! I am saying it know because I will forget tomorrow. What if someone sent you a printed story in the mail, like a short one. Would you read it? I think your lisp is super cute by the way. :D

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  2. *huggles* HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! ^_^ You are the greatest and I loved these facts. :D (Also TOLKIEN BOOKS ON THE SHELF BEHIND YOU. <3)

    AAAAHH I am INFP as well!!! (Which I remember by turning it into an acronym for "It's Never Fully Perfect" due to my perfectionist tendencies. XD)

    That deja vu thing is seriously WHOA. O_O I WANT TO HEAR MORE ABOUT THIS.

    Also yay Marvel, and I think pink and vampires does make a well rounded person, yes. ;)

    P.S. Have you seen the show Leverage? Because it is my latest obsession and I wondered if you would like it and you suddenly reminded me of Parker in it. o.o


  3. Happy Birthday beautiful! I haven’t known about you or your blog for more then a year or two, but I am smitten by the way you write, (I’ve read Monster, and I am on your email list for Almeria) the way your confidence shows through, and just the person you are that I get to see through the snippets of your blog. Plus you’re gorgeous and I love your sense of humor. I am 21, going on 22, and my best piece of advice (which you really don’t need, but—there you are) is to just enjoy life and take in every day, day-by-day. Life flies by, and it will fly by faster the older you get. But remember, stay young at heart. :) I hope this is one of the most memorable birthdays ever ~


    1. Thank you so much! ((hug)) SPEAKING of Almeria…there are some developments there. I’ve decided that I think it’s officially ‘done’ – but many of the pieces/characters will be moving do different novels, and if you’d like to read any of THOSE, I’d be more than happy to let you! If there’s anything else I’m writing you’d like to switch to, please just let me know!


        1. It was a VERY difficult decision for me to make – trust me. But I’ve just moved on too far – however, with this little rewrite-attempt, I learned quite a few very helpful things and I can promise you, Eristor & co. are moving on to better and brighter things.

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  4. Done? *whispers* done?? UM. Okay. I trust your judgment! Actually, I am quite intrigued by most of your works-in-progress, but I can only handle reading a few things at once (plus I’ve got my own stuff–reading, writing,–tugging at me for my attention)…so if I choose one for now, how about Kenna….could I somehow get in on that adventure? I don’t care how far in you are…if you email it to me I’ll read it all and catch up XD


  5. THESE ARE WONDERFUL. YOU ARE AWESOME. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Also I’m double-jointed too. I have a lockable jaw, which is great if I want to stick lots of food in my mouth or something, but apparently that’s socially unacceptable? IDEK. I DO MY BEST TO BE NORMAL. (Bha hahaah. I do not. What am I even saying.)
    AHHH YAY THOUGH WE ARE THE SAME AGE I DID NOT KNOW THAT. Well. I am 4 months older. I’m incredibly ancient and wise and knowledgable in my old ageness. Just sayin’.


  6. So I can’t completely put my thoughts into words, but I love this post! (especially the big hero gif and comment at the end. Horses! Cool! But I love your writing too! I really really want to meet you even though I’m super shy. I absorb emotions too.. I love you and I think you’re really great.


  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAREST MIRRI!!!!!!!!!! I do so hope you had the loveliest of birthdays!

    And EEEEEEE!!! I loved this list!

    Marvel over DC always! *fistbump*
    Pink is my favorite color, just so you know. There are so many haters on pink but come on, PINK. It’s fabulous.
    I TOTALLY understand the reading on the computer thing. It’s hard to fully absorb the emotion of the story on a screen, I don’t know why. So I’ve taken to reading any books I beta on my tablet which I’ve found is muuuch more enjoyable than a computer screen. I’d still rather physical books, but still, it’s good for beta-ing.
    A FIXER. YES. I’m so glad someone else out there understands! I tend to make it my mission to “fix” people…even if it’s none of my business and I need to get the log out of my own eye first. Sometimes it’s a problem. But I just want to help everyoooone. Is that so wrong? D:

    Love you, sweet Mirri! I hope your 21st year is the best yet! <3


  8. Happy (belated) birthdayyyy! ;) Did it feel like a super special day at all?? :D

    And the deja vu thing is creepy. It’s been happening to me loads as well! O_o Also, I think I’m double joined in my ankle because I can make it do a popping sound.

    I HAVE A QUESTION. Everyone’s like Marvel vs. DC. Marvel vs. DC. Marvel, Marvel, Marvel. …Is it against Natural Law or something to like their movies individually without having an affinity for one or the other. BECAUSE BATMAN. Also, Disney (pukes) bought Marvel so… *shrugs*

    Happy birthday, beautiful. And, for the record, you’re the bomb diggity as well. ;)


      1. Not a sports fan. :P Disney is crap. Sometimes they come out with something good; generally, though, they just need lost of help and a little less love. xD


  9. AWESOME LIST. And happy birthday again! <3
    #2: Marvel all the way! (Except Batman and Superman are pretty cool. But Marvel is mah favorite.)
    #10: I think ferrets are adorable, but…I don't think I'd enjoy owning one. Too smelly. XD
    #15: I'm the same way! I way prefer physical pages over a screen. *nods* I absorb so much more when I have a real book in front of me.


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