art: morpheus + masha

As some of you know, one of my birthday presents was a Daler-Rowney A3 sketchbook. It’s a thing of beautiful high quality, and I spent a happy hour or two yesterday getting HB and prismacolor pencil up to my elbows while sketching a somewhat dark interpretation of Morpheus. I promised you all I’d post more of my artwork here, so here’s a glimpse of yesterday’s artistry. (This was for no particular reason other than to break in my new sketchbook and to express some freedom, having just finished two more commissions.) It’s easy for me to get so caught up in always drawing by guidelines – commissions, or portraits – that it’s wonderfully relaxing to spend some time with pure imagination. And for once, the page I’m using is large enough to hold everything!








i. werewolves of London – masha

ii. years and years – king

iii. everybody wants to rule the world – lorde

7 thoughts on “art: morpheus + masha”

  1. Glorious art as always, Mirriam!! Agh, my spine hurts thinking of you hunched over a sketchbook for hours! *stretches back and neck* Much better. ;)

    May I just say, you’re so beautiful! I especially love the way your hair looks in the second picture listed. Very soft and wavy looking. :) Lol stay wonderful, lovely!


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