//In which I make a (probably) terrible decision

I announced it on the Book of Face but have yet to announce it here – I’m doing something uncharacteristic and weird. Instead of NaNoWriMo this year, I’m plunging into JuNoWriMo, with less than two weeks of preparation ahead of me. The reasons for this are simple – November is usually jam-packed with things like Thanksgiving, while I’m doing nothing during the month of June. Also, I’m re-writing an older novel of mine, The Meaning of Always, which is a summer novel and therefore lends itself well to the month. It’s hard to get in a summer mood when the trees are bare and Christmas songs are playing.



What is my goal for this novel? Well, a) to rewrite something that I really loved but that, um, was before I had the grasp on writing I do now, and b) to make something cheesy but good at the same time. Why cheesy? Because I LOVE CHEESY. I JUST DO. I love surprise kisses in the rain and people losing their memories and ridiculously tragic backstories and I just love these things. They make me happy and they make me cry. Have you seen Boys Over Flowers? Yeah – I’m aiming for BOF-level cheesiness because it ripped my heart out of my chest and made me come back for more abuse because I NEEDED CLOSURE.

A friend told me, ‘You’ll be a less-pretentious, female John Green!’ and I said, ‘Please, I can do way better.’ I pray that comeback didn’t jinx me. I WAS JOKING, I PROMISE. I’m actually a little concerned about this, because I want the novel to be as funny as it is tragic, as cheesy as it is unpredictable, and as absolutely soul-crushing as possible. I’ve set the bar pretty high on myself for this one, and I only have a month in which to do it.


The kicker?

As a family, we’re going on a gut-fixing diet during the month of June. Guess an item that I cannot consume during this month? You guessed it – caffeine. Hence, during Novel Writing Month, I can have no coffee. None. Zip. I can’t even have tea. And I hate to say it, but I don’t think sparkling water is gonna cut it. If I end up crying and exhausted at the end of every day, so be it – I’m willing to make the sacrifice. I’m already a little teary at the thought of abandoning my best friend (coffee. Sorry, Hannah) during this month, as we’ve never done this apart. But hey, if I can do this without coffee then I can do anything, right?

(P.S. If you’re wondering why my art has been absent from DA/FB/here this last week, it’s because the bones in my hand are trying to dislocate again. Fortunately, I’m getting a brace today! Excitement!)

What about you? Are you doing JuNoWriMo? Have I officially lost my last marble?

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