//In which I make a (probably) terrible decision

I announced it on the Book of Face but have yet to announce it here – I’m doing something uncharacteristic and weird. Instead of NaNoWriMo this year, I’m plunging into JuNoWriMo, with less than two weeks of preparation ahead of me. The reasons for this are simple – November is usually jam-packed with things like Thanksgiving, while I’m doing nothing during the month of June. Also, I’m re-writing an older novel of mine, The Meaning of Always, which is a summer novel and therefore lends itself well to the month. It’s hard to get in a summer mood when the trees are bare and Christmas songs are playing.



What is my goal for this novel? Well, a) to rewrite something that I really loved but that, um, was before I had the grasp on writing I do now, and b) to make something cheesy but good at the same time. Why cheesy? Because I LOVE CHEESY. I JUST DO. I love surprise kisses in the rain and people losing their memories and ridiculously tragic backstories and I just love these things. They make me happy and they make me cry. Have you seen Boys Over Flowers? Yeah – I’m aiming for BOF-level cheesiness because it ripped my heart out of my chest and made me come back for more abuse because I NEEDED CLOSURE.

A friend told me, ‘You’ll be a less-pretentious, female John Green!’ and I said, ‘Please, I can do way better.’ I pray that comeback didn’t jinx me. I WAS JOKING, I PROMISE. I’m actually a little concerned about this, because I want the novel to be as funny as it is tragic, as cheesy as it is unpredictable, and as absolutely soul-crushing as possible. I’ve set the bar pretty high on myself for this one, and I only have a month in which to do it.


The kicker?

As a family, we’re going on a gut-fixing diet during the month of June. Guess an item that I cannot consume during this month? You guessed it – caffeine. Hence, during Novel Writing Month, I can have no coffee. None. Zip. I can’t even have tea. And I hate to say it, but I don’t think sparkling water is gonna cut it. If I end up crying and exhausted at the end of every day, so be it – I’m willing to make the sacrifice. I’m already a little teary at the thought of abandoning my best friend (coffee. Sorry, Hannah) during this month, as we’ve never done this apart. But hey, if I can do this without coffee then I can do anything, right?

(P.S. If you’re wondering why my art has been absent from DA/FB/here this last week, it’s because the bones in my hand are trying to dislocate again. Fortunately, I’m getting a brace today! Excitement!)

What about you? Are you doing JuNoWriMo? Have I officially lost my last marble?


  1. I vaguely remember The Meaning of Always. *squints* And a bunch of other beautiful things you started but never finished. *coughs* We won’t get into that today. *hacks*

    And I’d love to know the reasoning behind the no-caffeine for a month thing because that sound a bit reminiscent of… Chinese water torture? No. Not that. Being drawn and quartered might be the torture method I’m looking for. Either way, I will be praying for you. *salutes* It was nice knowing you.


  2. JuNoWriMo is a thing?? o.o That’s a good idea. November has never really worked for me, partly due to other big projects and partly due to the time of year, so maybe I could actually do JuNo sometime. Huh.

    As soon as I saw that book cover-ish thing, and read your goals, I just thought, “YES.” And if anyone can pull off cheesy and heartbreaking without being /too/ cheesy, it’s you. Is this something you’ll send to beta readers, or…?


  3. Oh my. O_O PRESS ON, BRAVE SOUL. (Also I don’t drink coffee and am still alive. It can be done… But that being said, I’ll still be praying for you because man it sounds hard.) Ooh, I remember The Meaning of Always! :D Hope your NaNo in June will go well! I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS YOU GLORIOUSLY FABULOUS PERSON YOU! *cheers you on*

    But soul crushing…??? MIRRI WHYYY. And here I thought your others were good enough at that… but if you’ve never specifically set OUT to do it…? Now I am scared. o.o I’m going to have to order in a large shipment of tissues and chocolate. Maybe they’ll have time to get here before June… *cough*


  4. Oh, are you doing a candida cleanse diet? I thought about doing that, but going off of coffee/snacky foods/chocolate did not sound appealing at all… :P
    I’d love to beta-read The Meaning of Always, if possible!


  5. Ahh!! XD ‘The Meaning of Always’ was one of my favorite’s it reminded me of an anime or something. Ekkk so excited, I do get to beta it, right :). Love the cover, wow sounds like it will be a tough month for you with the diet and writing. If anyone could do it though, it’s you :)


  6. YES.
    I’ve always wanted to read Meaning of Always, since you stopped it just about the time I began to stalk you. Hey, it’s gonna be fun! I’m excited! And I have faith in your writing skills. ;D Pictures of the cast, please! THey were all so pretty last time!

    I love all of you and your adoration of caffeine. XD You should write an ode to coffee sometime for enjoyment.

    Yeeeee, I know how that goes with the dislocation. My ribs do that all the time. :P Braces are awesome. ;D Get Mueller brand.


    1. This cast is even prettier. Hiro/Hisoka remain the same, except with different hair, however. XD I ADORE CAFFEINE AND AM SO SAD TO LOSE IT, EVEN FOR A MONTH. I got a brace. I don’t know the brand. But it’s working. XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So ex-ci-ted! ;D Eh, any hair will be awesome. I’m so sorry! :( I’m afraid I can’t understand, but I’m certainly full of pity for your loss. That’s awful. Working? That’s GREAT!!! What strength? Mine’s maximum and it’s got a steel plate along the wrist — looks so frail, but it makes a great weapon.


  7. AH. NO CAFFEINE IS HARD. But I hear ya. I’ve gone like 2 months without chocolate (and, like, um, everything else except for meat and veges) for a gut-fixing diet. IT’S MURDER. *cries* But I wasn’t writing while doing it, just whingeing. So good luck!! It does sound like a challenging book! ^-^


  8. Do. Not. Suck. Me. In. To. Joining. You.

    I’ve made a resolution to write more. But I cannot handle such a commitment in June. I’ll be in three different states next month! *do not be tempted, Jordan*

    I’m interested to hear more about this gut-healing diet. I did GAPS just over a year ago and it was life changing (like, literally, because it led to my moving out of state by myself).

    I can’t find your email address, because it appears I lost it when I closed out my old email account. You should be able to see my new one, since it should be connected with this comment. Feel free to shoot me an email!


  9. I think this is fantastic you’re taking the plunge and doing this!!! I’ve been mulling over doing CampNaNo myself because I want to get a lot of writing done and it’ll be a great push, though I might not do the full 50k. Now you’re really tempting me to do it…

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of The Meaning of Always. :O I guess it was before my time in the Pack. IT SOUNDS GOOD. Definitely add me to the beta list! *puppy dog eyes* So it’s a contemporary? Because, strangely, I’ve been in the mood for a good contemporary. I say strangely because I’ve probably read… *thinks* 4? contemporaries in my whole life. Yeeeah. They have just NEVER been my thing. I don’t know what’s happening but I’ve kinda wanted to read some lately. So a contemporary written by one of my most favorite authors herself? YES PLEASE!!! :D THIS IS PERFECT.

    Waitwaitwaitwait. You can’t have coffee the whole month? No caffeine at all? A WHOLE NANO WITH NO CAFFEINE? OH YOU POOR BABY. *pets you* You are a brave soul. I bow down to your courageous endeavors.

    Oh man, I hope your hand will be okay, too. *huggles*

    You are NOT crazy. You are brave and daring and committed to your writing. I think it’s absolutely wonderful and you’re inspiring me to do the same.

    Keep being awesome, girl, you totally got this! *fistpump*


  10. Great idea! November is probably one of the worst months for me to write too. I’m trying to write a new novel over the summer, but I’m not a fast writer, so I doubt I’ll finish. XD Good luck! Your story sounds great. Hey, there’s a reason why cheesy is popular, it makes us feel good!


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