//I’m on time, I’m on time for a very important date


I had aimed for a more relaxed, efficient kind of ‘No this year. In some ways, this is working out – I don’t have much to do this month besides driving practice, a few meet-ups, a diet, TFI posts, etc. Although aiming for three thousand words a day isn’t exactly realistic. For some reason, This Curious Madness likes to be written from about three o’clock till I decide to hit the sack – earlier, and I end up staring at the computer and typing maybe ten words an hour. Why do novels have to be so finicky? (Finicky. Finnick. Finnick Odair. Hmm.) Although I’m shoveling some of the blame onto this detox – I think I know what an eighty-year-old feels like. My j o i n t s! No, I wasn’t addicted to coffee. Shut your face. (At least, blessedly, I’ve escaped a headache. And it’s not all coffee’s fault, either – this whole detox thing is really grinding on every female in my family. My Dad seems to have escaped the worst of it, for whatever reason.)


Still, I’ve achieved more than the necessary word count each day, and hope to reach thirty pages by tonight. I’ll admit, I was a little nervous entering into this novel – after all, I had to give it a) a moral b) a strong female protagonist and c) a good dose of madness. That last one, I’m usually good with – but I’m much better at writing male characters than female ones, and as I’ve said before, Wonderland is a pretty amoral place if you go by the original novel.

Imagine my surprise when, mulling it over, I realized that I didn’t need to ‘give it a moral’ – morals can infuse the entire thing (duh. I know) – and that I think I’m actually doing pretty well by Alice (in fact, I have more female main characters in this novel than in any other of my books – Alice, the Red Queen, the Duchess, and the Caterpillar). My favorite characters are the Hatter, the White Rabbit, and the Jabberwocky, although the Jabberwocky hasn’t officially made an appearance, and I’m still struggling with the Bandersnatch. (Who, as of yet, does not exist.)

My ‘writing’ half the time looks like this –

Me: Hey, Riah.

Riah: What.

Me: Want to rewatch another episode of Faith?

Riah: Sure.


Me: Hey, Riah.

Riah: What.

Me: We should marathon the Rurouni Kenshin movies again.

Riah: Sure.


Me: Hey, Riah.

Riah: What.

Me: Big Bang’s new MV is out.

Riah: Oh, let’s watch!

But I am getting writing done. And the allotted amount, thankyouverymuch.

That pretty much sums up the last three-and-a-half days; if I can keep going at this rate, I have a good shot at a completed novel by the end of June. How’s your JuNo going, fellow lunatics writers?  Are you behind, ahead, or regretting your life choices? Could you maybe find my Bandersnatch and tell him to show his face? I’ll give you the coffee, which I can’t have.


  1. Your relation ship with Riah is kind of parallel to my sister’s with me. She’s the one asking to rewatch shows. I’m the one going, “Sure.”

    FYI, I do love TCM! ^_^ Keep it up, lovely!


  2. You’re doing very well, Mirr. XD Why is it always the females that get hit worst, anyway?
    And Alice is the best protagonist. Just so you know. XD I love every minute of her.
    And Big Bang’s new MV! We just watched it last night! XD Da boys are back in bizness!


    1. Did you see Bang Bang Bang, or did you see the one that released this morning? Because it’s ‘We Like 2 Party’ and it’s the most hilarious compilation of dorks being dorks you’ll ever see.

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    I am NOT writing right now thankyouverymuch which is probably tragic buuut… my writing brain just doesn’t care a hoot for anything at this point and likes to laugh at me when I pretend that I want to write words. *sigh* I’ll just have to throw all my writing inspiration your way, because I certainly don’t have it anyway and you sound like you could use it for this curious madness you’re in the midst of. ;)

    Dear Mr. Bandersnatch,
    Would you VERY KINDLY show Mirri your face already! Or I will personally have to wander down a rabbit hole to find you for her, because goodness knows she’s busy enough writing gadrillions of words every day WITHOUT HAVE TO TRACK DOWN ELUSIVE BANDERSNATCHES. For real, now.
    -Deb, Bandersnatch-Tracker-Extraordinaire

    WRITE ALL THE THINGS MIRRI!! *cheers you on from the sidelines*


  4. It amazes me that you get it all done with all the distractions. I’m super excited for the next chapter btw! I’m not JuNo-ing, but I’ve proudly gotten a lot done in writing, reading, sketching, and catching up on movies, so I’m fulfilled anyway. Trying to hammer out my own next chapter right now, but life is just too set on getting in the way if you know what I mean.


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