//my 10 favorite screen characters (fasten your seatbelts)

I’ve been tagged – and you may be surprised that I’m actually following through. If you’ve been around my blog for any length of time, you’re probably aware that I don’t really do tags – I don’t care for them, they don’t interest me, I have better things to talk about. But lo and behold! Whimsy Writer tagged me with a certain tantalizing tag my inner (okay, outer) fangirl couldn’t resist. An opportunity to talk about my ten favorite screen characters? Really? Like I’d say no.

Choi Young, ‘Faith/The Divine Doctor.’

Yeah, I know; shocker. Choi Young is my favorite character of all time. Notice I don’t say ‘fictional’ – because Choi Young is, in fact, an actual historical figure from Korean history, and they made note of actual facts while filming this (very fictional) historical drama. General of the Royal Guards (the Woodalchi) in his twenties, Choi Young at first appears to be an odd choice. He sleeps for days straight. He isn’t enthusiastic about…well, anything. His fighting skill is undeniable, but skill and looks won’t get you through life, right? (Eh…in most cases.) As the drama deepens, Choi Young’s character does, too. Backstory and insight reveal a man serving a King he doesn’t care for, doing a job he doesn’t want, loving people he’s afraid to care about, and killing in the service of a country that has never done anything for him. I could talk about Choi Young for hours (seriously, don’t test me on this) but I have nine other characters to get to. Watch the drama.

Bellamy Blake, ‘The 100’

Another surprise! Who’da thought! Bellamy is my favorite character on American television right now. His character arc is incredible (as is his sister’s). At the start of the show he’s a selfish, ruthless anarchist and by the end of season two he’s risking his life for the kids he now refers to as ‘my people.’ He learns from what happens around him and takes things to heart, smothering a big heart with a tough exterior that quickly melts as events conspire to destroy everyone he loves.

Himura Kenshin, ‘Rurouni Kenshin’

He’s not your average action hero. Soft-spoken, gentle and sweet, he lives life as a wandering swordsman trying to make up for his actions during the war by helping wherever he can. Haunted by his past and attempting to redeem himself in the present, he gets caught up in the war he wanted to leave behind, and proves that heroes come in all varieties. (Plus he has crazy epic fighting skills.)

Bucky Barnes, ‘The Winter Soldier’

This particular love of mine is no secret. He has a grand total of six lines in the entire movie, and yet he manages to convey so much emotion, struggle, and depth with what limited space he has that he crushed hearts, mangled feelings, and created FEELS across the globe. You can’t not love Bucky Barnes – and you can’t help but appreciate his homicidal swagger-walk, too.

Ji Hoo, ‘Boys Over Flowers’

Just to clarify: I love Jun Pyo, too. But Ji Hoo has a very special place in my heart – the precious fluffy angel person that he is. He’s one of those guys too perfect to exist, and no matter how much you love Jun Pyo, you’re really rooting for Ji Hoo because…well, he’s perfect. He’s sweet, thoughtful, quiet, kind, loving, and HE REALLY DESERVED TO GET THE GIRL. The only issue is…so did Jun Pyo. Aish – kdramas!!

Ned, ‘Pushing Daisies’

Ned may be the single most lovable television character to ever grace the small screen. Gentle, awkward, clumsy, and gifted with the ability to bring things back to life (ish), he’s impossibly easy to love and root for because you JUST WANT HIM TO BE HAPPY, OKAY.

Yoon-Sung, ‘City Hunter’

A political pawn since birth, Yoon-Sung has never known his real family, his real country, or even his real name. Sent back to Korea on a mission of vengeance, he begins to deploy justice on corrupt government officials. It would be a lot easier if a) he had a harder heart b) wasn’t falling in love with a girl who works in the same building and c) was a meaner person. As it is, Yoon-Sung is an entirely good person, and when he struggles, I struggle. When he feels things, I feel things. When he gets injured, I want to wrap him in a blanket and keep him safe forever and ever – I mean, uh. Yeah.

Jareth, ‘Labyrinth’

Who doesn’t love a bedazzled David Bowie playing a childish goblin king and breaking out in catchy songs? Honestly, he speaks for himself.

Wol Ryung, ‘Gu Family Book’

He starts off as a gumiho; an immortal, paranormal guardian of mountain. Kind, generous, and too caring for his own good, the sweet Wol Ryung rescues a young woman and falls in love and marries her, while working on a 100-day trial to free him from his gumiho state and give him humanity. Things don’t go as planned when his wife is attacked and he defends her, breaking his trial and transforming him into a thousand-year demon (basically a gumiho gone to the dark side who feeds off the living essence of humans). His story only begins there – his son proves to be a turning point for him, and Wol Ryung will always be one of my favorite – and most tragic – screen characters.

Roy Mustang, ‘Full Metal Alchemist/Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood’

I know it’s an anime, but the tag didn’t specify, okay? He’s a character, and he’s on a screen. Roy is a rising military officer-slash-fire alchemist with a hot temper and a sense of duty the size of North Dakota. Struggling with what he knows to be right and his own personal vendetta, Roy is as deep as he is fun to watch. (Riza Hawkeye agrees.)

What about you? Who are your favorite screen characters? Shall we lament over the honorable mentions I didn’t have room for? (There are…a lot.)

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