//8 Minor Characters Who Deserved More Screen Time

Gein, Rurouni Kenshin (portrayed by Go Ayano)

As much as I adore Kenshin, when my friend Arielle said she was about to start the movie the first thing I said was, “GEIN.” While his role is (annoyingly) minor, he’s intriguing, fantastic, and his fight with Kenshin is my ‘pet fight scene’ – the one I go to every time. I’ve seen it probably twenty-five times. Gein is one of those minor characters with multiple layers. Even if they never fully come to light, he portrays someone complicated and deep in the short amount of time he has. The live-action version of Gein is very different from the manga version, and (in my opinion) a dozen times better.

Haldir, The Lord of the Rings (portrayed by Craig Parker)

Everybody loves Haldir. He’s serious, he’s sassy, he’s noble, and he accepts Aragorn’s bear hug. There is absolutely nothing to dislike about Haldir, and yet he dies believing they’ve lost. I’ve heard various stories as to why his character was killed off so abruptly, but the fact remains that he was killed, it was abrupt, and he deserved more screen time.

Eum-Ja, Faith/The Divine Doctor (portrayed by Bang Sung-Hoon)

(here we have him losing his cool the first time. also look at that glorious mane.)

When I first watched Faith, Eum-Ja was actually my favorite character. Over time Choi Young became my favorite (as in, favorite character ever, as discussed in my last ‘favorite characters’ post) but Eum-Ja was there first. Like Gein, he works for the villains, but everything about him is mysterious and complicated. He’s pledged to help the villain, Gi Cheol, and remains loyal to the end; but it’s clear he deeply loves a woman who never truly reciprocates his feelings. When he battles with the heroes, there’s something reluctant and accepting about his behavior. Calm and collected, he only loses his cool twice, toward the very end of the show. He’s the sort of character you secretly root for, even though he’s on the wrong side.

Jang-Bin, Faith/The Divine Doctor (portrayed by Philip Lee)


Jang-Bin may be only a Royal Doctor, but his skills aren’t limited to extensive knowledge of poisons and cures – he’s also a talented warrior in his own right. Calm, relaxed, and always willing to lend an ear, he’s often dragged into playing intermediary between disagreeing parties (honestly hilarious) although he would much rather spend his time on more peaceful endeavors. (He also makes using a fan look masculine.) He’s so great, in fact, that I made a meme which I use liberally during arguments.


The Suribang Dude, Faith/The Divine Doctor (portrayed by Park Jin Soo)

This is the last one from Faith, I promise (I could discuss more, but I’ll spare you). The Suribang Dude (his name is never stated) pops in and out of the show as an informant, spy, and the comedic relief.  A flowery, flirtatious, over-the-top man, he a rare combination of awesome and hilarious. He cares deeply for Choi Young, the two younger Suribang warriors under his watch, and the tasks he’s given. His role is very small, and everyone I know who’s seen the show feels like they got gypped with his amount of screen time.

Storm Shadow, G. I. Joe (portrayed by Lee Byung-Hun)

I’m not talking about the second G. I. Joe movie – his role was actually decent and did him justice in Retaliation. But in the first movie there was so much potential to tap between Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes, and they barely touched on it. I mean, come on – the Arashikage ninjas are a favorite for everyone, and they skimmed over them in the first movie. At least the second movie gave them a spotlight. (Also, Lee Byung-Hun’s T-1000 in Terminator: Genisys was skimmed over even though he did a fantastic job with it. So much wasted potential. Sigh.)

Clark, The Sum of All Fears (portrayed by Liev Schreiber)

I tend to love Liev Schreiber, and his role as the government assassin in Jack Ryan movies is always fantastic – no matter who plays him. (Willem Defoe also played an amazing Clark in Clear and Present Danger.) Clarke is a quietly sassy, extremely efficient and strangely lovable character, whether he’s slitting someone’s throat or joking about not having an email address. He is the reason I like both of those movies – and the only reason. I want an entire movie series about Clark.

Ppoolte, Mask (portrayed by Sung Chang-Hoon)


I have a running joke about this guy. He plays the villain’s secretary/spy/chauffeur/bodyguard/everything. He has said all of two lines. Everyone needs a Ppoolte. Why is he named Ppoolte? We have no idea. Is it a typo? Did someone think nobody would notice? Is it because no one ever says his name anyway? It doesn’t really matter – because I get suck a kick out of it that I made this picture and use it as my computer wallpaper. I even named my computer after this guy – Ppoolte Blue. Ppoolte for said character, and Blue because my computer a) is Jurassic and b) gives me the blue screen of death. (If you’ve seen Jurassic World, you’ll understand.)


#PpoolteForPresident2016 (Ironically, his character in City Hunter needed more screen time, too.)


What about you? What minor characters do you love who didn’t get the attention they deserved?

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