//from me to you, because I love you (no, seriously, I have stuff for you)

Who doesn’t love getting mail? I’m not talking the usual collection of bills, promotions, and junk – I’m talking about real letters, handwritten by friends. Even getting a post card is enough to fix a bad day. Mail is fun – and mail with surprises tucked inside are even better! I have amazing blog readers, and for the past few months I’ve been mulling over what I can do to thank you for your continued companionship. It struck me this morning as I organized my desk and straightened my stationary – everybody loves letters. Everybody loves art. (In my experience, at least. Even the darkest supervillain lurking in his black and craggy lair loves art.)

if saruman had received more letters, he would have been a happier wizard.

Where am I going with this? I’ve decided to send out a sketch – nothing fancy or large, but something like what I’d enjoy receiving – to a different blog reader each week. I’ll choose a reader each week based on their comments. (It’s also a good incentive for me to keep sketching, even on days I don’t feel like it!) I’ll announce the winner each Saturday and include my email so you can send me your mailing address. If the chosen reader is not comfortable giving me their email address (which is perfectly understandable), I’ll choose someone else.


  • You must be a regular commenter (obviously – I can’t choose if you don’t comment!)
  • You must be subscribed to Wishful Thinking
  • And…that’s it!

I’m pretty jazzed about this – and if you see an envelope with a wax seal show up at your house, it’s probably from me.


  1. Oh, my word! That sounds so fun! Now, I’m paranoid that every comment/compliment is going to sound like one of those awkward hint-hints. But I love this idea and I love your blog and I love you. :)

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  2. So basically, what you are saying, is that you’ll be sending one of us a thousand words, in visual format. ::confetti parade::

    One of us
    Part of the ship, part of the crew
    One of us.

    Yes, I riff my own comments. It’s one of my charming quirks. ;)

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  3. NO other restrictions????? LIke distance restrictions? YOu already let us be a part of your writing journey. Personally, that makes me really glad already; but I love that you wanna “love on” people more. <3


  4. That’s a great idea! But er, yes, like Rana said, I hope it doesn’t feel like everything we say now is interpreted as a “please please, I want something from you.” XD
    (BTW, what about international commenters? I’m from Canada.)


  5. Hey, nothing here has said that should you be the happy recipient of a sketch from a Merry Hearted Whirly Gig that you can not respond in kind. Funny letter. Story. Bookmark. Your own sketch. Link to You Tube where you go crazy celebrating said art. xD She never said. She never said we can’t can’t be fantastic in return.


  6. So if one receives a letter from you is sending back a letter against protocol or an acceptable idea? ;) I actually have to stop myself from sending thank you notes FOR thank you notes sometimes! XD


  7. Mirri you are the most wonderfully nice person on earth, you know that? This is a beautiful idea. :) (But… yeah… guilt-level on the commenting as people have said. XD) MAIL IS WONDERFUL. I should take your example and get around to some letter writing…

    ALSO. Regular commenters means… there must be posts to comment ON. …Which means you might be blogging more again! >:D *dancing happily*

    Saruman should totally have gotten more letters.

    Welp, I’m back to lurking in my black and craggy lair…

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  8. A sketch from you? Oooh! :D
    Oh my gosh you’re right…Saruman definitely needed more letters and it probably would have made a world of difference in his life! Letter writing has (almost) become a lost art :( It’s sad. Also, POTC!!
    “Where’s Elizabeth?”
    “She’s safe, just like I promised. She’s all set to marry Norrington, just like she promised. And you get to die for her…just like you promised. So we’re all men of our word really…except Elizabeth, who is, in fact, a woman.”

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  9. *breaks out Mama Odie voice* Dis gon’ be GOOD!
    Sigh…wish I was able to FIND wax sealing things…those were the days when mail wasn’t just mail…it was elegant and it was a statement.


    1. I noticed your comment…you can find wax AND seals on Amazon.com :-) you have to just search around because the prices vary but usually the kits aren’t too expensive


  10. AAHHHH




    good grief Mirriam I love letters so much and I wouldn’t say no to enlarging my collection of sketches from you XD


  11. Aww, that sounds super sweet, Mirriam! I love letter mail from friends, and what a lovely thought :D.

    On that note, I love your blog to bits, and follow it, but I can’t say I am most regular commenter on your blog – it always gets me out of my comfort zone to comment on a wordpress blog, but I still love checking out your blog :D.

    Hmmm, and speaking of mail, I’ve not forgotten that lovely letter/card you sent me last year, and feel so bad that I’ve not written back to you yet. I will though get to it soon, I promise!

    *I concur about Sauruman, poor chap. He was too proud to receive mail from the plebeian wizards and elves I suppose. ;)


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