//art dump + I changed my mind about one detail

Earlier this week, I said in this post that I would post a picture of whatever sketch I sent out before I mailed it. I decided against that today, because hey – surprises are fun! I don’t want to spoil the delight of a small surprise by revealing it too soon. HOWEVER, I added a personal clause – if the receiver sends me a picture of/with said sketch, I will post it here so everyone else can see it. I’ve had a few more requests to show my artwork here, and sometimes it slips my mind – I post it regularly on Facebook, which means I forget that my entire blog readership does not reside on Facebook. So, in place of posting the mail-sketches each Saturday, I’m going to try and remember to post more of my weekly artwork here. I’ve collected quite a bit over the last few days (I’m working on a month-long marketing course called Storyseller University, and during each audio lesson I have half an hour or so of free drawing time).

My friend Pebbles and I have been keeping each other’s drawing skills fantastic-elastic with sketch trades – hers are digital (and stunning. I think I got the better end of the bargain) while I stick to traditional art, and we pick our new poison each time we complete a sketch for the other person.

Also, my friend Fluffy and I started ten-minute speed sketches (they’ve been animals thus far) where we work from the same image and produce entirely different drawings. Exercises like these are fun, competitive, and keep the art muscles limber. I highly recommend them. If you have artistic friends, coax them with coffee, cookies, etc. and practice in pairs!


 kim jae wook as Apollo


ji chang wook as Ariel


go ayano as gein from rurouni kenshin (live-action movie)


also gein, a rough sketch


hiro mizushima, a light sketch


rurouni kenshin and gein (live-action movie. these two are like my version of a fantasy football team.)


seungri from big bang



P.S. I’m going to be gone from early tomorrow morning (early as in: five a.m.) till late Sunday afternoon. I’ll put the post announcing the sketch-winner on automatic, but if your comments don’t show up until Sunday evening, that’s why. Have a frabjous weekend, pirates!

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