//and the sketch winner is…

This week was an uncharacteristically heavy one for this blog, but it was also pretty downright amazing. Last week’s sketch winner, Eli, snapped a picture of the sketch he received – a doodle of the Hatter from my JuNoWriMo novel, This Curious Madness – because, as I’ve said, Eli was a completely invaluable beta-reader during that month, and he had stated he hoped I drew the Hatter at some point. (I’m still planning to truly *draw* Edwin, not just sketch him, but for now, this is what you get.) Also, you should check out his blog. Seriously.


This week’s sketch will go to:

Annie Hawthorne.

She classified herself as a ‘shadow reader’ and hadn’t commented until this week, but her comment meant quite a lot to me, and I wanted to show my appreciation for her peeking out of said shadows. Thank you so much, Annie; send me an email at the-shieldmaiden(at)Hotmail(dot)com and I’ll get the sketch sent as soon as I put it to paper!

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