//and the sketch winner is…

This week was an uncharacteristically heavy one for this blog, but it was also pretty downright amazing. Last week’s sketch winner, Eli, snapped a picture of the sketch he received – a doodle of the Hatter from my JuNoWriMo novel, This Curious Madness – because, as I’ve said, Eli was a completely invaluable beta-reader during that month, and he had stated he hoped I drew the Hatter at some point. (I’m still planning to truly *draw* Edwin, not just sketch him, but for now, this is what you get.) Also, you should check out his blog. Seriously.


This week’s sketch will go to:

Annie Hawthorne.

She classified herself as a ‘shadow reader’ and hadn’t commented until this week, but her comment meant quite a lot to me, and I wanted to show my appreciation for her peeking out of said shadows. Thank you so much, Annie; send me an email at the-shieldmaiden(at)Hotmail(dot)com and I’ll get the sketch sent as soon as I put it to paper!


  1. I was a shadow reader too for a long time! I’ve never been one to comment on posts, but I’m not going to lie, I really like the idea of getting a sketch from you! Is it bad that that was what motivated me to finally comment?

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  2. Edwin is beautiful. I absolutely love that you still make quality art work even though you’re giving it away for “free.” But, honestly, I expect nothing less of you. ;)

    Congratulation to Annie. :) And, random question, how do you make the letters bigger (e.g. Annie’s name)? Is it a special with this template? I haven’t seen anywhere to change the font size in Forever.

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  3. I love that your picture of the sketch and mine both look like they were taken in the same place.

    Again, I’ve enjoyed beta reading for you. It’s been one of the highlights of the summer.


  4. Sweet TARDIS of Gallifrey. O.O


    Thank you so, so much, Mirriam! *hugs* I was so worn-out this evening and then I saw this and suddenly I wasn’t tired in the least.

    I think I did a triple-take when I saw my name. ^_^ You nice human, you. *hugs again*


  5. Edwin pulls at my heart strings so much…so many emotions tied to him! this sketch is fantastic! also, Congratulations Annie on being the winner! :D

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