//and the sketch winner is… (+ book haul!)

I have a confession to make – I don’t have a picture of last week’s sketch, because I haven’t sent it out yet. It’s been a bit of an odd week, with PB in and out of the repair shop and conspiring circumstances, but I hope to get this week’s sketch as well as last week’s sent out on Monday! This week’s sketch winner is Cat – you may see her around her as CherubinotheRockstar. She’s a friend of mine who blesses me daily with her strong spirit and brilliant personality, and I’m so glad to know her. Don’t worry, Cat – I have just the sketch for you. I don’t even have to think about it.

To spice this post up since it doesn’t have a picture, here’s a look at today’s used book haul! My peep Courtney and I hung out this afternoon and haunted my favorite used bookstore, and the trip was mightily successful.



24 thoughts on “//and the sketch winner is… (+ book haul!)”

  1. Oh, my gosh.
    I am so honored I might just cry.
    I’m so freaking Hispanic. XD
    Oh, my gosh.

    And the book collection is awesome! Wow — don’t you just love used book stores? Someday when you go to Asia take me in your suitcase as I’ll probably be some broke college student.

    @ScarletDippedScribe — certainly will! ;) It’ll be going on my wall since we’re taking the house off the market and I get my stuff back.

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  2. Oooo, Reading and Writing Japanese! That looks amazing. O.O This stack is so “you”, Mirriam. ;) ^_^

    CONGRATULATIONS, CAT. I’m so excited for you!!! We should definitely exchange photos when we get our respective sketches. =D

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  3. I couldn’t be happier with the selection. ;) That woman has never said something that doesn’t make my heart happy. Whenever she comments on my blog, I just feel all cozy inside and hate that I can’t respond/wrap her up like a burrito-hug. She’s definitely tough and joyful and I’m so, so glad she’s your pick this week. She deserves it. <3

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  4. YAY Elfie winned the sketch! *celebrates* ^_^ She’s so sweeeeeeeeeeeet and totally deserves a gorgeous piece of masterpiece Mirri-art. <3

    Also books. BOOOOOOOOOOKS. Cheap books are the absolute best. Pictures of books make me happy.


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