//a fine frenzy


I’m thankful for days like these. Days where the weather is cool in the morning, despite August having just reared its flower-crowned head. Days where I take the short walk down the road to the pool and I get it all to myself. I can float on the water and watch a dragon chase a mermaid across the sky. Clouds block the sun’s intensity, but the moon peeks out, reluctant to turn away. Days where I can open my favorite magazine and read slowly, with nothing pressing to do, not articles to write, no urgency.



I’m not a frantic person, and I don’t run on schedules – anyone in my family will tell you that I pack for a trip three hours before it’s time to leave, and I run on last-minute decisions because I won’t have made up my mind until then. Yet, for a laid back person, my mind runs a steady caucus race, a whirlpool of thoughts and things I have to do and a self-imposed checklist. Write that guest post. Answer those three emails. Work on the interview, work on that art commission, edit that chapter, write five pages, read that person’s manuscript.


As a result, I forget to slow down and let myself catch up. Today is a catching-up day. A day where I turn on a summer playlist and read blogs and gather inspiration, where I take a deep breath and my thoughts stop sprinting and slow to a lope. Maybe even a stroll.



Everything’s Okay – Lenka

You Picked Me – A Fine Frenzy

Almost Lover – A Fine Frenzy

Lost Boys – Novelette

Warming Moon – Rogue Valley

Happier – A Fine Frenzy

Last of Days – A Fine Frenzy



  1. You live in a gorgeous place. O_O And how do you have nice weather for being only 6 – 7 hours north of me??? *cue the jealousy*

    I’m glad you take time to relax. <3 I could feel it in the way you wrote this post.


  2. My Brain Box has the opposite problem to yours. It’s so /quiet/ between my ears this summer, I think what was there may have left. Life has been loud. Loud and growth-making and hard. Going from having my own bathroom to sharing it with four other people (three of those are minion sized bundles of fantasticness) has been a learning experience in and of itself.

    On the positive side, I am never in the bathroom on my own. Even when I think I am, I’m not. Toothlesses, beloved by all, are always randomly somewhere in the bathroom. Nothing brings a grin like a NIGHT FURY STARING at you from the soap dish. Or the toilet paper roll. Or on top of your bodywash bottle.

    I have been more hugged than ever in my whole life this Summer.

    I’ve had lots of occasions to talk about the realness of stuffed animals, the brightness of stars, the wonder of cabbage white butterflies swaying on the stalks of lavender out front, and the love of Jesus.

    I’ve also rediscovered the joy of screaming as loud and as long and as high as you can just because you can, soap bubbles, and wearing socks that don’t match,

    The trade off has been this overwhelming silence in my head. It’s as quiet as a tomb, and I’m beginning to wonder if my story telling part has slipped into eternal slumber. :/

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    1. When I have things to do, and lots going on in life… Nothing seems to come from my inspiration even on days when I would like nothing better to than just relax and write something. My muse is less and less (active ? Willing?) these days than in past, so I sympathize.


  3. Pretty pictures! Lovely post. I’m glad you’re taking time to relax. ^_^ …This makes me want to relax too. I’m always flailing around like a headless octopus trying to do everything, all the guilt and busyness and self-imposed todo lists… It’s good to kick back sometimes and catch up on breathing. Thanks for this! <3


  4. these pictures are just beautiful! it looks like you live out in the country…do you? I live out in the country and LOVE it. There is so much scope for the imagination xD


  5. I noticed one of the books in your bag is “Bella Grace”…I’ve thought of reading that one! Is it any good? are you/have you enjoyed it? =D


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