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The Dying of the Light

Justice, loyalty, betrayal, and insane fashion.

This morning was #thatawkwardmomentwhen you roll out of bed, take your first sip of coffee, and realize NaNo is in three days. Not only is NaNo in three days, but there are large gaps in your plot, the middle is saggy, and you haven’t properly introduced your characters to your blog readers yet. This is a drastic shame, since this is not only one of my favorite casts, but also (definitely) my weirdest-looking one as well. Seeing as how much of the cast is composed of Jrock members (and not just the normal kind, we’re talking the insane visual kei, makes-David-Bowie-look-unimaginative kind), I’ve decided that apparently in futuristic, feudal Japan every samurai has his or her own stylist.

(Not really. But considering the hair and clothing I’m granting these people, it would make sense. Either that, or they’re anime characters in novel format, which I am also okay with.)

Since I almost always post exclusively about NaNo during the month of November (it’s what happens when you undertake something all-consuming each year, I’m sorry) I thought it a good idea to make character introductions so you at least have a vague, slippery idea of who’s who.

I’ll be introducing the characters top to bottom, left to right (I almost said ‘left to write.’ My friend Eli did that this morning, too. Real-life foreshadowing, people) with brief bios that I hope are helpful. Although I have the feeling they might just confuse everyone further. Oh, well.


Saizou (Robin Hood)

Saizou has a strong sense of justice and a kind heart. Haunted by the war, he is thoughtful, with a random sense of humor and severe PTSD. 33 years old.

Tsuki (Marian)

Proud and high-born, Tsuki will act enthusiastically on her beliefs, no matter the danger. She tends to get wrapped up in her own endeavors and forgets those around her. With the help of her bodyguard, Kiba, she works against the oppressive system. 23 years old.


Assigned to protect Marian when she was three and he was twenty, he has lived the better half of his life attempting to keep her alive and relatively safe. He has a grim sense of humor and a realistic outlook. 40 years old.

Matahachi (Guy of Gisbourne)

His father and family were dishonored when he was a child. He has risen through the ranks, and his entire focus is to bring honor back to his family. He does the wrong things for what could be considered the right reason. Polite, focused, and restrained. 31 years old.

Shi, sometimes called Deaths-Head (Much)

Disfigured in the war when he saved Saizou’s life, he is Saizou’s self-proclaimed bodyguard, and the under-appreciated voice of reason. Patient and clever, he’s the glue that holds the outlaws together. 30 years old.

Haka (The Sheriff of Nottingham)

The head of the Tokyo Shinsengumi (police force), he is addicted to hoshihokori (‘stardust’), a powerful opiate. Unhinged, paranoid, ruthless, and maybe not actually as bad as he seems, he proves to be a huge nuisance for Saizou and the outlaws. 35 years old.

Kirikizu, sometimes called the Broken Siren (Alan a’Dale)

An assassin for Prince-Regent Mamushi, he wears an elaborate custom-made muzzle that filters his voice into robotic tones. The sound of his real voice kills those who hear it. Expressive and soft-spoken. 26 years old.


A bartender-slash-mechanic, she’s trying to live without drawing attention to herself, as gaijin (foreigners) are unwelcome in the current climate. She has a brotp with the cyborg she put together, and she may or may not have a thing for Kirikizu. 23 years old.

Shotgun (Little John)

Known for winning a ten-against-one fight with a shotgun (which he never fired), Shotgun is an outspoken troublemaker who speaks before he thinks. Kindhearted but not overly brainy, much of his life is spent trying to fix the messes he accidentally creates. 29 years old.

Winter (Friar Tuck)

A former mercenary turned hardcore priest, Winter is unsociable and usually in a bad mood. He is fiercely protective of those he loves and tries to do the right thing, even if it kills him. He has CIP, rendering him unable to feel pain. 37 years old.

Hiro (Will Scarlet)

An albino whose condition caused him to be ostracized and experimented on as a child (futuristic Japan is extremely superstitious, in case you wondered), he tries to live as quietly as possible and stay out of everyone’s way. He has perfected the art of stealth and blending in, but is also quite deadly. 34 years old.


A technological genius and lunatic asylum escapee, she has been a havoc-wreaking outlaw long before Saizou and the others band together. She pretends to believe in aliens to watch their reactions. 25 years old.

Sweater Girl

I literally know nothing about her yet except she isn’t fond of technology, and she’s one of the rare people who actually listens to Shi. Also, she’s adorable. 22 years old.

Virgo, sometimes called the Raptor

A bounty hunter with more issues than Vogue, he was born with a rare eye disease rendering his pupils brilliant blue and giving him the ability to see clearly in the dark. He should be kept on a leash at all times. He loves his younger twin brother more than life. 30 years old.

Alucard, also known as the Creepy Goth Germophobe

A Frankensteinian assassin created by the royal family, he believes he has a higher calling – and that higher calling happens to be killing those he’s ordered to kill. He has a two-headed hound, and he refuses to touch anything alive with his bare skin, believing it would ‘taint’ him. Delusional and elegant. 2 months old, give or take a few weeks.

Shimo, sometimes called the Bloodhound

Virgo’s younger twin brother, he was born with an unnaturally keen sense of smell. Practical, sensible, and constantly trying to keep a check on his brother’s outrageous behavior, he would like to live quietly once they’ve made enough money to settle down somewhere peacefully. He has a dormant disease he is unaware of. 30 years old.

Prince Regent Mamushi (Prince John)

The Emperor’s loathsome, scheming younger brother. He’s unspeakably horrid and I hate him a lot. Also, he rides a mechanical dragon. 36 years old.

The Dog

A pitiful but dangerous figure, the Dog is a man raised as an animal in the royal court. He dislikes Haka greatly. The feeling is mutual. 29 years old.

Not Pictured Because There Wasn’t Enough Room


The chief mutt (mutant animal) handler who reports to Haka. She is tiny and fierce and quite brilliant. 22 years old.

Kai Ningyu

The cybernetic bouncer-slash-jack-of-all-trades who works at Honey’s bar. He’s very useful and unintentionally sarcastic. 30-odd years old.



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