//the word

I spent a good deal of yesterday mulling over my word for 2016. It’s like choosing a novel title: I don’t feel I can really write the novel until I have the title, and I don’t feel I can officially start the new year if I don’t have the word to symbolize it. I’ve had various words over the years – now, aspire, cultivate. Each has given me something to focus on, something to work at, but this year, my word wasn’t coming to me. Then I ran across something Hemingway said.

‘There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man, true nobility is being superior to your former self.’

Superior to your former self. Better. It’s an unassuming word, but it means so much. I can be better than who I was a year or five minutes ago. If I fail, I can do better next time. If I succeed, I can do better next time. I can constantly try to be better than myself. It’s such a small thing, and such a vast thing.

And so, I found my word for 2016.


Because it’s always there to strive for.



15 thoughts on “//the word”

  1. Yes, I love this. I’ve never been able to really hone in on a word (I suppose it’s the poet in me, haha), but I do like to cull a phrase to sum up the past year and move forward that has come to represent a lot to me. This year, it was “dance in the eye.”

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  2. This is wonderful! I love your word! I stole the idea from you last year and I’m doing it again… my word this year is Joy. I get so bogged down in should-do and guilt and procrastination and stress, and I want to return to finding Joy in all things. :) I’m sure there’s an appropriate C.S. Lewis quote but I can’t think of it…

    I hope your 2016 will be BETTER! ^_^


  3. This is a great word! I think this is something I really need to work on this year as well. I love how you described it as ‘small’ and ‘vast’ at the same time. You are great with words. (-: Happy New Year!


  4. I love this. <3 I love how subtle and normal it is, but it still has a huge impact.

    I've never had a "word", but I think I'll do it this year + see how it works out. ;) My word is peace (and because I couldn't choose just one, which is typical, trust/faith is another one). I feel like those are two big things I need to work on and this year is going to be perfect for that.

    Happy 2016, Mirriam! I hope it's the bomb!


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