//colossians 3:16 + a late sketch winner

  • Colossians 3:16 opens with, ‘Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom.’ As a kid, I thought this verse was referring to verse memorization (duh) but reading it this time around, the word ‘dwell’ struck me and the first thought I had was, dead things don’t dwell. To ‘dwell’ assumes life. It assumes that whatever is inside us is alive and kicking and active. To ‘dwell’ is a verb, but how often do we treat God’s word as a verb? I know too often, I don’t. God’s word should live inside us. We house it. As a human being, I can be a lousy landlord. My tenant wants a metaphorical leak fixed somewhere and I say, yeah, sure, I’ll deal with that tomorrow, and then ‘tomorrow’ becomes next week, next month, next year. When I move into a new house, I take over my room with immediate authority. I clean it, I decorate and re-decorate. I’m constantly changing things, making them better, freshening them up, and keeping the place clean. I light incense and bring in roses from the rose bushes because I want it to be as pleasing as possible. I want it to be perfect, and that’s what God’s word does in us. It wants to make us a perfect home.

Note: I completely forgot to post the sketch winner on Saturday, and I apologize. Congratulations, Michelle Black! [I know you. Thus, I already have your contact information. All you must do is wait for the mail.]


  1. This is perfect. ^_^ Before I read my Bible or go to church or pray, I try to remember to ask God to open + soften my heart and help me to understand what it is that He wants me to understand right then. It works wonders!


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