//beautiful people, or, help me out here

I’m very behind on the Beautiful People meme, and the as the last set of questions was centered around Valentine’s Day, the questions are two people instead of one. I have several (okay. More than several) couples, and making decisions is hard, so I put forth to you good readers to help me choose. Some of these couples aren’t romantic (BROTPS FTW), some of them are one-sided, some of them are head-over-heels. Most of them have their relationship status on Facebook as ‘it’s complicated.’

Which couple should answer the Beautiful People: Valentine’s Day questions?

  • Tsuki and Kiba from The Dying of the Light (bodyguardee/bodyguard/unrequited love)
  • Honey and Kai from The Dying of the Light (mechanic/cyborg-project/bestie)
  • Rooney and Azrael from Paper Hearts (IT’S TRUE LOVE)
  • Adhara and Chausser from The Space Book (admittedly, I’m still plotting The Space Book, but Beautiful People helps me figure things out. Therefore, I have options.) (Also, very complicated. Adhara is the earth-raised heir to the throne of House Ophiucus and Chausser is a space-elf-pirate-captain)
  • Adhara and Brynhedda from The Space Book (heir/bestie/parabatai /girl BROTP)
  • Saizou and Shi from The Dying of the Light (BROTP to the max)
  • Otter and Haka from The Dying of the Light (tiny beast-tamer girl/trash king)

Leave your choice(s) in the comments!

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