//zootopia: a quick review



Yesterday, I saw Zootopia and I left the theater wondering, “Did I like it even more than Strange Magic?” (Strange Magic is my favorite animated movie to date, ever, so I had to ponder that.) I decided it didn’t surpass it, but it certainly reached the same level. I’m writing this brief review for a friend, who isn’t sure whether she wants to see Zootopia or not (and I’m trying to convince her, obviously).

Personally, I thought the plot twists were predictable. They were very good, it’s just hard to pull a plot twist I don’t see coming (however, I know several people who didn’t see the twists coming, so it may not detract from anything for you).

Predictability aside, let me just gush about the interactions. These were top-notch interactions. Dialogue, expressions, subtext – I love these characters for the same reason I love the characters in Strange Magic – you forget they’re not real. You forget they’re animated, anthropomorphic animals and you care. I sat there cackling like a witch and crying like a baby at because a bunny and a fox had a fight and a beautiful make-up conversation and then they just—

I also love the theme. For those of you who aren’t sure what it is (it isn’t really a spoiler) predators are beginning to go nuts and return to their animalistic (versus their more civilized) natures. This actually provides some very thought-provoking subject matter for children and adults alike, as the movie explores the difference between ‘predators’ and ‘prey,’ as well as prejudice, violence, and coexistence.

The voice acting was incredibly stellar, the animation was gorgeous (especially the rainforest scenes), and the music was perfectly complimentary. Also, anyone who ever had a crush on the animated 1973 fox Robin Hood may be put through some residual feelings where Nick is concerned.

This was a buddy cop movie filled with humor, heartache, flawless dialogue, beautifully portrayed character interaction/development, and solid themes.

So it didn’t top Strange Magic, but it tied. If you’re wondering whether to see Zootopia or not, just go. You won’t regret it. 

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