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I saw the word floating around Tumblr, and it stayed in my mind for weeks. Kindcore. It was tossed out as a suggestion — ‘hey, what if everyone was nice to each other?’ (Radical, I know) but I couldn’t get the idea of hardcore kindness out of my head. The more time I spend in coffee shops, the more I notice all kinds of people; some of whom seem happy, others who could probably use a hug or a word of encouragement.



I love writing letters and giving gifts; whether it’s shooting a cool link to a friend or sending a note via snail mail. The knowledge I can brighten someone’s day, or in extreme cases even save a life – this knowledge is ever-present, although some days I feel far less giving than others. (Some days you just want to lock yourself away, eat pizza, and criticize the world; amirite?) The knowledge you can change someone’s outlook, that you can lift spirits and plant a seed of hope – well, if knowledge is power, then we have the power to change lives for the better.



When it comes to creative endeavors I’m a ‘go big or go home’ kind of person, so I decided to go all-out with Project Kindcore: Hardcore Kindness. I’m starting with envelopes, inside which are notes, tiny gifts, quotes, cards, and sometimes small things for the recipient to pass on to someone else. I have a notebook and supplies to stick in my purse and carry with me – since I firmly believe that the best kind of world domination is kindness (it makes sense in my head, trust me) I can scatter joy and hopefully make people smile (if they aren’t too busy wondering what creepy stalker left an envelope on their chair, thankyouverymuch).


It doesn’t require much money or many resources – just a little time, a little creativity, a little willingness to do what you can with what you have. I, for one, am excited.


Here’s to hardcore kindness; may it uplift, encourage, and bless.


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