//four days until commissions close (+ art dump!)

It’s autumn! Officially the best season of the year, every year. (Or it will be, once the Georgia weather decides to cooperate and stop clinging to the last vestiges of summer. Let Persephone go, Hades, we’ve had enough.) I love pretty much everything about autumn – even the fact I must now turn my gaze around the next corner, toward Christmas. Last year I opened commissions for Christmas – which was all very well and good, except it was difficult to reach my own deadline in time and I ended up a frazzled ball of red-and-white ribbon instead of a normal human. I also have every intention of doing NaNoWriMo again, which means I’ve opened my Christmas commissions in September! (Yes, yes. I am the person who complains about Christmas decorations being put up before Halloween. I am also an artistic hypocrite.)

This year, I’m closing commissions at midnight September 30th. I have a solid list of commissions to complete before Christmas, and only space for a few more. My brotato chip, Lauren, sent me watercolors – which means after I spent three days up to my elbows in the medium, I have re-discovered my complete love of them – and you can now request a watercolor commission, should you so desire.

If you want to place an order, you have four days left! In the meantime, here are my various concept doodles, sketches, etc. from the last couple months, because sometimes I forget to post my art here (to everyone who asks to see more of it – I’m sorry! I forget).



















Don’t forget – commissions close midnight September 30th, and I may not have time to open them again before Christmas! Happy autumn, everyone!


4 thoughts on “//four days until commissions close (+ art dump!)”

  1. Your art always amazes me, Mirri. I know you’ve worked hard to be as talented as you are and you inspire me. Kudos, girl. <3

    (also, do I spy fanart for W-Two Worlds and Scarlet Heart: Ryeo?! Love. It.)


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