speak to me!


Today, my internet squad, I place fate in your hands. By which I mean, now is the time to speak up!

Is there a specific topic niggling in the back of your mind that you’d like to see discussed? Is there something I post too much of – or something I don’t post nearly enough of? Is there something you’d like to see?

Now is your chance to tell me what I can do to make my blog a more enjoyable experience for you, so fire away in the comments section and let me know!


  1. I love your new header. :) It’s so you. It’s black and white, and the letters themselves are straightforward, almost plain, but behind/in/around them is a dark swirl of beauty.

    Also, you have a search bar!!! Woohoo! I was actually thinking of asking you to put one up a few weeks ago, because I couldn’t find something I was looking for but now you have one! Thanks!

    Post ideas… Hmm. You definitely don’t post too much of anything that I can think of.
    I would looove to have a picture (or even video) tour of your room. =D I love seeing other people’s room.

    There’s a few things I’m curious about you, like: Do you have a middle name and what is it? Is Mirror publishing interested in publishing Paper Hearts? If not would you ever consider doing something else with it? Do you know what’s up next on your writing horizon other than The Dying of the Light and sequels and the novel you were going to write for NaNo? And what’s up with them? Will you be doing any more Paper books, or Dark is the Night books? Are there any new books you’re planning you’d like to tell us about?
    …That was a lot. o.o Hope you don’t mind.

    Looking forward to, hopefully, another year of reading your blog! It’s been my favorite (other than my sis’s ; )) for years. Like. . . a lot of years. o.o At least five. Thanks for keeping it going all this time! :)


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  2. OKAY. I haz ideas.

    Thoughts on Star Wars: Rogue One? (I saw it… Mixed feelings and super curious about yours.)

    While I’m thinking about it… could you address happy endings and your opinions on them? (I feel like there’s a marked lack of happy endings and an increase in general darkness/lack-of-hope/lack-of-uplifting-endings in today’s fiction and film which worries me.)

    Further thoughts on self-publishing versus small press publishing as someone who’s experienced both?

    YESSSS I second the questions of what’s up with aaaaall the books and the Paper characters etc.! :D Always LOVE hearing updates on what’s up in your worlds and writing! <3 <3 :D)

    And of course I always love hearing lifely things and art and writerly stuff. So. Yeah.

    Those are my thoughts so far. XD Obviously anything you post about will be awesome, so. ;)


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