wishes & hope

We are ready to shed the old year. We are more than ready to step into the new year, to see everything it has to offer, to see what it holds, and we hope and pray that – more than anything – it looks up. Already we can see the gentle curve of time as it begins to tilt, as a glow creeps across the horizon. I am excited. I am eager. And I have a wish, or several, for you in the coming year.

People will tell you not to get your hopes up, but I hope you ignore them. Hopes are not made of lead, they are not meant to remain on earth. Hopes should be high. Keep them there. Even when they are dashed, when some dark figure looms and cuts your hope down, I hope you release another and another and watch them sail up. I hope that you never stop hoping. If you hope for enough, if you hope hard enough, if you send enough of them up past the haze of common sense and disappointment, there will be too many for disappointments to dash them all. You will have successes. You will have fulfilled hopes.

So here’s to our hopes untethered; may they push upward and onward, no matter what.

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