The Eagle Has Landed


I’m back, world! The past month has been an adventure in every sense of the word – exhausting and exciting, and it isn’t over. Our darling (old, quirky, weird, etc.) town house is still full of unpacked boxes, and although we downsized our belongings by half (almost exactly, measured by the moving truck required), we’re still downsizing as we realize we overestimated the size of this place. Having never lived urban before, living in a city is a totally new experience – and a fairly wondrous one.

Visible from my window is a coffee shop, a paper shop, and several bars and restaurants. Two doors down is an ice cream shop and a used bookstore, from which I purchased ‘The Celts’ by Jean Markale (author of a favorite book on King Arthur) on the second day. Joslyn Castle is only a few minutes’ walk away. The people are open and friendly (I generalize, of course, but in a week and a half I’ve yet to meet someone who isn’t). We’re having an actual winter, as opposed to Georgia’s sad excuse for one. (Note: Contrary to popular belief, Omaha isn’t flat. Nor is it dusty, nor is it full of corn – at least not once you get off the interstate.)

Bonus: thanks to brilliant parents, PB – my huge, Jurassic laptop – has been replaced by Lenny, a thinner, sleeker, brand-new Acer.

In short, life is calling for my attention in every aspect, and although I don’t have a set ‘groove’ yet, I look forward to finding one and getting back to blogging on a regular basis. Bear with me, and I look forward to seeing you all next time!


  1. I can totally see you walking around downtown Lincoln in all the old shops, looking completely magical. Welcome to winter :) we should have spring for a few days any minute now and then it’s just a spin of the dial what weather might turn up next.


  2. You have a coffee shop, ice cream shop, AND bookstore WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE OF YOUR HOUSE?? That sounds so magical!

    I’m so happy things are going well for you! <3


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