Dark is the Night book tour + IMPORTANT Announcement


You may be wondering, wait—next Friday? Not this one? And you would be correct in your confusion. There were a few sticky moments with my cover files for Dark is the Night which resulted in a timing setback, unavoidable for all. However, it’s going as smoothly as possible, and next Friday should go off without a hitch. In the meantime, the book tour is still under way, as are extra goodies showing up on my blog here and elsewhere during the tour! Here’s a bit of a roadmap for the upcoming fun:

THURSDAY, October 17 = Arielle Bailey – Interview with Me + blog tour schedule

FRIDAY, October 18 = Mirriam Neal – release post + blog tour schedule (Guess where!)

SATURDAY, October 19 = Katherine S. Cole – interview

SUNDAY, October 20 = Erudessa Aranduriel – book spotlight + book review

MONDAY, October 21 = Eli Carnley – book review + interview

UNSPECIFIED DATE = Christine Smith – book review

TUESDAY, October 22 = Deborah O’Carroll – book review

UNSPECIFIED DATE = Morgan Farris – book review

WEDNESDAY, October 23 = Elizabeth Salvador – book spotlight

THURSDAY, October 24 = Rachel Rossano – book spotlight

FRIDAY, October 25 = Carolyn Hamborsky – book spotlight

FRIDAY, October 26 = Angela Watts – interview

UNSPECIFIED DATE = Ashley Hunter – interview 

AND BACK to + Arielle Bailey – tour wrap-up


FRIDAY, October 25 = Mirriam Neal – RELEASE DAY

+ Arielle Bailey – character spotlight: Skata

MONDAY, October 21 = LoriAnn Weldon ( – book spotlight + Heather A. Titus ( – book spotlight

Jamie ( and Kat ( will be also posting at some point.

I will be posting more quotes, reviews, and information on the book throughout the tour, and you can find my IG HERE.

Arielle will be posting character spotlights each day. (

Everyone else, YES, you’re totally allowed/ENCOURAGED to post about your review/interview/the book on your Instagram, if you have one. In the meantime, stay spooky!

Mirriamneal ingram 3d

Skata only has one goal in life—to seek out the vampire who turned his wife and kill it. When he finally tracks the vampire to the small nowhere town of Salvation, South Carolina, he realizes he has stepped foot into something bigger than himself. He’s going to need help—and that help may come in many forms. Between the vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, and an unusual preacher, Skata may be in over his head.

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