Hey there! If you clicked on this page, you’re probably wondering who I am and what I’m about, so let me share. I’m Mirriam, a twentysomething sexual celibate who enjoys writing because I’m quite bad at speaking. I live in Georgia, but if you ever wonder why I have no Southern accent, that’s because I’m from the Pacific Northwest – Spokane, Washington, to be exact. I’ve been blogging since I was thirteen (oh, it was embarrassing sometimes) and people seem to stick around and enjoy it, so I’ve kept it up.

I am the author of two novels: Paper Crowns, (a fairytale featuring sassy blue cat and lots of paper-folding) and Monster (a YA novel featuring an experiment called Subject 13 and a fair amount of romance).

I’m also an artist. Need a gift for someone you love, or do you want a portrait of your Dragon Age: Inquisition OC all for yourself? Send me a message via the email below!


This blog deals with three different categories – writing, where I discuss the highs, lows, and finer points of the craft; art, where I do the exact same thing (but with pictures); and ‘etcetera’ – which, well, is everything else. I’m informative and entertaining and will probably become your new favorite blogger. (Okay look, if I don’t toot my own horn, who will?)


I love digital notes (who doesn’t? They’re almost as good as real ones with envelopes and all that rot) so if you have a question, a remark, a subject you’d like to see me write about, or just fancy a chat, go right ahead!

[ mirriamneal@outlook.com ]

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