I follow quite a few Christian Instagram accounts. You know the kind I mean - beautiful photography pages run by artsy Christian women, constantly posting quotes in swooping calligraphy or posting pictures of half-empty coffee cups with their thoughts from the day.  While I generally enjoy what these women post, there's a repeated phrase I… Continue reading Worthy?


Netflix’s Death Note: The Good, the Bad, and the Negative Examples

When I heard about the Netflix remake of 'Death Note,' I was incredibly skeptical. Every new piece of information - from the Americanization to the casting - made me sink down a little lower in my metaphorical chair. I didn't expect much when I took the plunge into giving it a try, so I was… Continue reading Netflix’s Death Note: The Good, the Bad, and the Negative Examples

The Prompting

I never do writing prompts, for several reasons. There isn't enough room for me to explore and describe everything I want, I have difficulty connecting with characters in 500 words or less, and often prompts feel pointless. I've enjoyed short stories in the past, but prompts? They're much too short. I'd rather not. Yesterday, knowing… Continue reading The Prompting