How to Spot Bad Writing When It’s Shooting You in the Face: A Commentary

That wasn't going to be the original title but I threw it out as a joke and it was accepted so here we are. Having finished two of my newly favorite TV shows, Trollhunters and The West Wing (to be fair I didn't finish The West Wing, I stopped watching after Sorkin left and it… Continue reading How to Spot Bad Writing When It’s Shooting You in the Face: A Commentary


How to Wing It, Literarily

Yesterday a friend asked me if I had any advice on writing without an outline. I'm a panster. For anyone who doesn't know, writers are typically divided into two camps - plotters and pansters. A plotter knows everything down to the last detail. They have pages and pages (and pages) of outlines for the series,… Continue reading How to Wing It, Literarily


I follow quite a few Christian Instagram accounts. You know the kind I mean - beautiful photography pages run by artsy Christian women, constantly posting quotes in swooping calligraphy or posting pictures of half-empty coffee cups with their thoughts from the day.  While I generally enjoy what these women post, there's a repeated phrase I… Continue reading Worthy?