No Dark Disguise: A Sneak Peek

It has been a h o t minute since I posted here. Between art commissions + personal art, writing (some News™ on that front coming up soon, keep your necks craned & your eyes peeled) in several books, and a shocking upswing in my social life, I haven't had ideas large enough for full blog… Continue reading No Dark Disguise: A Sneak Peek


*Ye Stars That Shudder | Snippets

*in case you missed it last time, it's a post-alien invasion re-conceptualizing of the King Arthur myth Jake Uther had been dead for five years, according to popular belief. An easy mistake to make, too – people tended to think the worst after you fell off the planet for that long. Every now and then,… Continue reading *Ye Stars That Shudder | Snippets

Recovering Mysticism: Part Five

I believe in magic. That may sound bonkers, even heretical. The mistreatment of language and misunderstanding of words has led the modern Christian community to believe that the words ‘magic’ and ‘witchcraft’ have meanings and connotations that they needn’t have. I spent most of my life believing that verses such as Leviticus 20:27 (“A man… Continue reading Recovering Mysticism: Part Five