The Glamour Man: Snippets from NaNoWriMo

In my last post, I talked about the novel I had actually last-minute decided to write for NaNo; the novel that had taken over my previous idea as the culmination of several past novel ideas. The Glamour Man was once several novels - Aftermath, a post-apocalypse/zombie novel, A Midnight Dreary, a Wild Hunt-oriented faerie novel… Continue reading The Glamour Man: Snippets from NaNoWriMo


Do you need a writing ‘process’?

Occasionally I get asked things like, "What's your writing process?" or, "How do you plan a novel?" I assume 'plan' is different than 'plot' because I could talk about how bad I am at plotting all day long. My writing process - in which a novel comes together and I decide to write it -… Continue reading Do you need a writing ‘process’?

Netflix’s Death Note: The Good, the Bad, and the Negative Examples

When I heard about the Netflix remake of 'Death Note,' I was incredibly skeptical. Every new piece of information - from the Americanization to the casting - made me sink down a little lower in my metaphorical chair. I didn't expect much when I took the plunge into giving it a try, so I was… Continue reading Netflix’s Death Note: The Good, the Bad, and the Negative Examples

The Prompting

I never do writing prompts, for several reasons. There isn't enough room for me to explore and describe everything I want, I have difficulty connecting with characters in 500 words or less, and often prompts feel pointless. I've enjoyed short stories in the past, but prompts? They're much too short. I'd rather not. Yesterday, knowing… Continue reading The Prompting