//”It’s just fiction.”

This phrase has troubled me greatly since I was old enough to grasp the lie of it. I recall vividly the first time someone said this - my youth group leader, calling books 'amoral' and comparing them to a table. AMORAL lacking a moral sense; unconcerned with the rightness or wrongness of something "You could… Continue reading //”It’s just fiction.”

//beautiful people – tsuki & kiba

This round of questions was so good that I couldn't decide who to shine the spotlight on. Lauren read the questions and immediately suggested Tsuki and Kiba (The Dying of the Light). A brief introduction aside from their snippet cameos - Tsuki (the Maid Marian character of the novel) is the daughter of a deceased… Continue reading //beautiful people – tsuki & kiba

//Beautiful People: Valentine’s Edition 2.

HOTTER (Haka + Otter, The Dying of the Light) How did they first meet? What were their first impressions of each other? They first met when Lieutenant Takuan put an advertisement in the paper, letting people know the Precinct needed someone 'good with animals.' Otter was delighted to discover the 'animals' were Mutts, genetically mutated… Continue reading //Beautiful People: Valentine’s Edition 2.

//Beautiful Books: The Dying of the Light

Every month Sky at Further Up and Further In hosts a questionnaire called 'Beautiful People,' but this month's is a bit different, designed for NaNo preparation (although it doesn't necessarily have to be, if you aren't doing NaNo this year). Instead of questions about characters, it's questions about your novel. AHEM. How did you come… Continue reading //Beautiful Books: The Dying of the Light