//Forged Steel is coming + an interview with Heather Titus

Downtown. Coffee shop. 2 AM. One minute, Josh is firing off sarcastic remarks at his best friend Marc – the next, they’re running from shape-shifters. Apparently, even best friends don’t share all their secrets. Now Josh is in danger. He can see the monsters among the humans. When Marc is kidnapped, Josh finds himself pulled… Continue reading //Forged Steel is coming + an interview with Heather Titus

//malice in the palace, or, EVEN MORE wonderland!

I’m not going to bother giving much of an introduction to this post. JuNoWriMo has been a blast, and I’ve been motivated by the fact that I’m not sure I’ll actually have it wrapped up in time to write ‘the end’ at midnight on June 30th. If the end of the month arrives and I’m… Continue reading //malice in the palace, or, EVEN MORE wonderland!

//a glimpse into madness – junowrimo snippets

I'm thoroughly enjoying This Curious Madness - a lot. A lot a lot. The characters surprise me at every turn, and while it's a challenge creating a more 'adult' Wonderland, with characters who bow deeply to the originals who inspired them while remaining true to their new forms, it's exactly the kind of challenge I… Continue reading //a glimpse into madness – junowrimo snippets