//identification, please

a sketch of Jenny F.'s character, Golden Lion Boy (that's not really his name) There's a common type of character I like to refer to as the Shell, and the Shell is all too common. It doesn't matter what genre the book is or who the target audience is, at least fifty percent of the… Continue reading //identification, please

//standing room only

Artwork from my amazing girlbro Lauren, a Christmas gift that made me cry many happy tears    Watching your writing style, abilities, and preferences change is a fascinating thing. As with art, I have to step back and compare a novel from a year ago to a novel I'm writing now to see where things have… Continue reading //standing room only

//meet the menagerie

The Dying of the Light Justice, loyalty, betrayal, and insane fashion. This morning was #thatawkwardmomentwhen you roll out of bed, take your first sip of coffee, and realize NaNo is in three days. Not only is NaNo in three days, but there are large gaps in your plot, the middle is saggy, and you haven't… Continue reading //meet the menagerie