when in doubt, post more snippets

When in doubt, post more snippets. That's my motto. I still haven't decided who to center July's 'Beautiful People' on - the votes are either Easton (Dark is the Night) Morougha (Kenna) or Farrien (Kenna) so I'll just have to wait and mull it over. But before I get to the snippets, I have some… Continue reading when in doubt, post more snippets

“You’ll thank me when it’s Wednesday.”

My online presence has been fairly wraithlike this last week, but fear not - I'm still alive, just writing. Mostly in Dark is the Night (formerly This Mortal Coil) as inspiration hit. That's why I need two projects to work on at one time - I'm either filled with inspiration for one or the other,… Continue reading “You’ll thank me when it’s Wednesday.”