//what a sketch taught me

"You're feeling the character out," Lauren told me. "It's supposed to be loose." I groaned, a fraction away from throwing in the towel, and maybe my pencil. "I'm really bad at sketching. Really bad." Lauren rolled her eyes. We were Skyping for the first time in a month (the holidays halted our several-times-a-week Skype hangouts),… Continue reading //what a sketch taught me

//art dump + I changed my mind about one detail

Earlier this week, I said in this post that I would post a picture of whatever sketch I sent out before I mailed it. I decided against that today, because hey – surprises are fun! I don’t want to spoil the delight of a small surprise by revealing it too soon. HOWEVER, I added a… Continue reading //art dump + I changed my mind about one detail

//from me to you, because I love you (no, seriously, I have stuff for you)

Who doesn’t love getting mail? I’m not talking the usual collection of bills, promotions, and junk – I’m talking about real letters, handwritten by friends. Even getting a post card is enough to fix a bad day. Mail is fun – and mail with surprises tucked inside are even better! I have amazing blog readers,… Continue reading //from me to you, because I love you (no, seriously, I have stuff for you)